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How to Tell When a Business Plan is Going Awry

Obviously I might be giving a little too much away about what I've been up to, but for starters, as if this even needs to be pointed out either, this post counts as one of my quirky posts. You can just never be too sure nowadays. I don't want anyone to start taking assiduous notes only to find themselves back at square one.

Revisiting Amazing Trailblazers

It only seems appropriate to kick off this month blogging about amazing individuals who have sojourned the publishing trek, laying roadmaps worth a beat to introduce in my own voice.
While I rarely, if ever, follow authors in what I'd consider a typical fan type way…you know… reading every work he or she writes, or showing up at every one of their public appearances, there are some authors who have come into view, who I respect a whole lot.

It’s Another Girl!

That little girl over there slipped up on me when I was least expecting her. It happened late one evening, when I got to fooling around, like how things usually go, when one thing led to the next, and the next thing I heard, oops, a few weeks later I was counting 19 children in all.
This one came into the world something like Something Xtra Wild, Pleasure, and Atlóta—easy. It's one reason why, just like real childbirth, I could never advise anyone on the process of giving birth to a book. Each one is different. Not all deliveries are as easy, the one aspect I'm coming to really appreciate about writing. Yes, the planning process and marketing of each book is arduous, but writing (as if I'm doing all that much too hide the fact), is a great joy.