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This & That… and What Books to Read Next

An innocuous post this one is, a chockfull of a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Hint. Hint. I'm over here holding up this neon (highway-mast wattage) strobe light over books promising fierce pacing, and unforgettable stories, that stuff I hear readers clamor to get their eyes glued on.

I just finished reading Tempest Rising by Diane Whetstone. Read the book in a few days too, and now it is comfortably situated right up there on my Keeper Shelf.

Inspiration...One Story At A Time

Speaking of entertaining readers, I've been given the green light to announce a few things working behind the scene at OSAAT Entertainment.

As I hinted at earlier, I'm no longer working solo. Actually, I've never been a solo unit, when taking something like inspiration into consideration. Yes, I create all of my books from cover to cover…meaning designing the covers, the interior layout and illustrations, and of course the writing, but I'm speaking of the motivation that inspires this creativity… those elements, which due to its abstruse nature, that seldom get identified, matrixed, and credited. Though not to get ahead of myself, sliding into a deeper zone, I'll touch up on this area by the end of this post. For now I want to introduce a few projects this inspiration I'm speaking of has produced.  

Entertaining Readers! I Live for It...Sometimes...

Honest to goodness I appreciate my readers. Nothing in that AO has ever changed, even if it wouldn't be entirely accurate to say it's the sole reason I write. Closer to accurate would be to clarify that I value readers above, and far beyond, critics. Without apology there's just not a whole lot I can do for anyone who's turned off, for whatever reason. It's like when you have a man, or a woman at home who loves you, for you, there is no need to search for a greater love.
Okay, so all of that to get to the goading principle of this post.

Raiding Inspiration, and Sharing It

One of my resolutions this year was to keep a jar to start collecting those small deeds that often slip by, unaccounted for, and barely remembered. But of course it's one of the last things I've been doing. I rarely follow my resolutions; no big surprise there, except I happened to notice, actually long before this post, that I've been a little on the grumpy side. Well okay, a lot on the grumpy side, which the remedy here was supposed to be to grab a book and jump inside, except this is the other thing… I can't. I parceled off many of those luxuries I once had.

This is My Story, and I’m Sticking With It

A couple of weeks back someone asked how my books were coming along. And oh by the way, quite a bit is going on behind OEBooks, but I've been directed to wait for further direction. Hopefully I haven't broken any implicit agreements by posting this post here.

At any rate, back to what I was saying, someone asked how my books were coming along, to which I gave my standard answer, "just fine." And just to further note; there are no imposed standards on me answering this question. I can answer however I please, which typically this is the way I chose to answer those who are not avid readers; actually not even average readers, much less have read any one of my books.
Now here comes the punch line… the story I'm sticking with.

A Tribute to My Cultural Heritage

In recognition of Black History Month, traditionally celebrated in February, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the jewels I keep with me that allows me to admire and appreciate parts of my heritage.
For many years, particularly when I was younger and learning about many famous pioneers taught in school, I used to wonder about what significant historical contributions my ancestors had made. And yes, I heard (and read) about Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Fredrick Douglas, Dr. Drew and a number of other admirable individuals, but I was looking for something that would transcend any doubt that I ought to be very indebted to the brown skin I'm in.