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Meet Mario D. King, Poet & Debut Novelist

One of the great thrills of finding pleasing books that let me sync into them, is romanticizing back on the moment I first spotted them, sighing things like, "I think I might really like this one."

This was precisely what happened when Mario D. King introduced his debut novel. It was one sentence in the synopsis… 'As Malcolm becomes the adoration of multiple women, he has a difficult decision to make.'

That's the sentence that grabbed me. The intrigue in the vibe of that line, and storyline together, reminding me so much of another book that turned out to be a memorable experience, I decided to check this one out too. I did, and was pleasantly pleased. And now I'm even more pleased that the author himself has granted me with this fascinating interview.

Best Storytellas in Town, Contest Starts Today!

In appreciation of Black Music Month, celebrated the month of June, OSAAT Entertainment & Concord Music Group present the Best Storytellas in Town Contest! Stories will be Judged on…
Premise. Your story must involve music. How does music inspire you? Do you sing? Play an instrument? Have a memorable experience about attending a live concert? Do you enjoy telling stories… is there music in your message? …Creativity. Just because I've never seen a black hawk play a percussion doesn't mean you haven't.