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Working Harder, Smarter...

Had this post been written years ago, or had someone else added her two-bits, this jingle here would've likely had a lot different ring to it. But I’m writing this jingle, and as such it will vibe to this other ring.

Cheering on Labor Day, a term I did have to in fact fact-check, come to find out I really do revel efficient and effective work habits. I always assumed I enjoyed seeing milestones reached, and being a part of that process, but now it's confirmed.

On Page Seventeen

Okay, so I toyed around on that last post, illustrating all them 500+plus words just to emphasize ‘stay focused,’ aka mind our own business. Of course too, writing would hardly be half the fun if we stuck with keeping things short and sweet. I mean, straightforward prose is all well and good, but from time to time crafting challenging content hits the spot too. (Oh, I already see I'ma have to revisit that one).

Here’s the real deal---Our Kids, Tweens, and Teens Best Storytellas in Town contest does not have a single qualifying entry, YET WE HEAR there is a young storytella out there who has the story that will inflate our Eyes, Hearts & Minds! If this is true, PROVE IT, but hurry... Hurry... the contest ends August 31, 2013.

Note: Stories must be at least 500 words; try not to exceed 1000 words. Details Here.

The Perfect Romance

Everyone probably won’t describe falling in love the way I’m about to lay things down. It truly takes spotting a Prince, or a Cinderella to do this. The funny thing is, and that’s funny as in ironically funny, was me finding this romancing mood after thinking back on a time when I wondered how many writers truly loved writing.

I fell in love with writing the same way we typically fall in love with a mate. First you spot him (or her), and right away know you’ll love him (or her)... FOREVER... no matter what.

As it happened for me however, the day before falling in love, I didn’t know who I was, or better, that I even was looking for a love to love. I must’ve gotten up like I did every day, night came, and the next thing I knew, I wanted to be a writer.

Kids, Tweens, and Teens Join the Challenge for a Chance to Win an iPod nano!

Drawing on the theme “Back to School,” we want to recognize storytellers who can complete the opening caption: ‘We were at school, standing outside in the rain waiting for the school bus to take us on a field trip when suddenly...’

The story can be funny, adventurous, scary, or anything the storyteller envisions so long as it includes the above quoted caption at the beginning of the story, and so long as we love it.
Contest ENDS August 31, 2013

Unpopular Opinions

The other morning I woke up from a great deep slumber by comments commentators were hash-tagging over, discussing the popular Twitter hashtag… #What’s Your Most Unpopular Opinion?

I, myself, couldn’t come up with an unpopular opinion right away, which had nothing to do with waking up from this great deep sleep. It would take, oh I don’t know… eons maybe??? …to select just one unpopular opinion, from the pool of others.

Debut Books, Emerging Artists, and Best Storytellas in Town Contest #2

Off the top, I just finished reading…To the Moon and Timbuktu by Nina Sovich. It's not a debut book; the author is a journalist. But all the same, it's a lovely book… that being once Nina's story grabbed hold of me. I recommend it... highly, with one advance directive.

This one must be read…every page… to the end. I want to write more, such as drawing on how this story personifies the importance of identifying our purpose in life, or better, the purpose of life, but will cut it short to jump on all of this other inspiration I've been leaning on. My thoughts about Nina's book however, are posted on my review page.

Okay… so now where do I begin? Oh, here we go!