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I just finished reading another Mood Enhancing book… Until Next Time… by JJ Ellis. I found the book on IAN – Independent Author’s Network… another reason to support the Indies, and as well another reason to support home-making-baking Moms.

Like cubs depend on their moms to help make that transition that will allow them to care for themselves, we depend on nurturing to help get us fit for survival as well. But that’s putting it mildly. JJ Ellis’s book, in less than 200 pages, hit it home!

So I’m going to try and be as creative as ‘JJ’, listing 101 reasons, in 115 words to support happy homebound Moms, by somewhat borrowing a style from a cousin who floored me with her poem – A Very Long Sentence About Food.

Nursing, nurturing, supportive...wiping tears, bandaging knees, squashing squabbles and peddling advice, she’s selfless, self-sacrificing, caring, and warm. Mom, Mommy, Mother, and Mama, she’s patient but disciplined, organized yet flexible; she can juggle a million balls at once…her instincts are honed. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, the errands and often our GPS locater, happy Moms lead the home and won’t break out in a sweat.

Drum in our ears, caretaker of our fears, tucking us in with fairytales, birthday parties; our very own tooth-fairy, gobblin, and Santa all year long; coping, managing; never a dull moment; She’s the reason when it’s time to acknowledge who got us here, the first phrase we utter is, “I Love You Mom!”


  1. I love the review and the 101/115 list. Thanks, for continuing to share good books with us. I hope you are doing well and getting better. :)
    ~Regina. rys

  2. Hi Regina, it's been a while. Thanks and thanks for stopping in.


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