An Eye-Catching Review

Not only is this not a book review, but this movie review is based on the perspective of a dog. This one was just too unique not to re-post. Read all about it, Frenchbo Dilla's review of The Lego Movie: "everything is [not] awesome!"

"I really, really, really wanted this movie to be good just from seeing the cool action figures in the trailer and remembering my puppy days when chewing Lego bricks would keep me busy for hours. I love Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, Will Ferrel and Elizabeth Banks. My tail can’t stop wagging when I see them because they’re so funny in everything they do. Unfortunately, they have very little to work with in The Lego Movie. The film starts out as a clever and somewhat funny mix of Idiocracy and 1984. While not laugh-out-loud funny, it showed promise by mixing children and adult themes in a clever way.

After an extremely long and uninteresting action/chase sequence, it all goes downhill. The same tricks to get cheap laughs are employed over and over again (i.e. “This will never happen”…”oh no, it just happened. Are you kidding me?”). First time: funny. Second time: not so much. Third time: in honor of President’s day, I’ll quote our well-versed former President, “Fool me once…shame on… shame on you. If you fool me, you can’t get fooled again.” — Huh?

The clever premise that showed promise during the beginning of the movie gives way to silly, unfunny jokes, too many pop culture references and celebrity cameos (what studio executive decided to bring Shaq and his Shazam “magic” into the project?)

As in much of television today, fast talking becomes a substitute for good writing and whoever is louder, more clever and snarkier wins the argument. Other reviewers love this movie and can’t stop singing its praises. It must be a human thing. The movie made me want to chew the hell out of one or two Lego bricks!

I give the movie 2 paws. The two paws I used to hit myself to stay awake while watching the movie."