Monday, March 31, 2014

Accidental Book Snob

Never thought I’d be writing this post but…...

From the start, book titles were heavy on the mind. This was the subject I originally had in mind to blog. Something was telling me to address book covers in some form or fashion, except a funny thing happened. Beyond all ironies I ended up realizing, and admitting the unfathomable.

I do not judge books by the cover, or do I?

To be fair, by chance I happened to be browsing a fellow bloggers' blog. She left a comment on a prior post complimenting the books I blog. Naturally this meant, anyone who likes books I read, has to be blogging books I want to read.

So I flipped on over to 'A Night's Dream of Books' and ended up staggering back over this way. The book covers parading on this blogger's blog are no easy chore skimming. I was that dazzled. They are simply breathtaking. Please check them out for yourself. (Again Click HERE). No exaggeration.

Now for the admission part; and man-o-man this is as difficult to admit as it is to personally acknowledge.

About to reply to my fellow blogger's comment, it dawned on me I hadn’t read the synopsis of any of the books I drooled over. Much less had I looked at the titles, a disquieting observation.

Why? How? Or more precise... exactly what happened?

Shaving off the excess here's what I learned, in 1-2-3 steps, how I select books to read.

1. First the title grabs me, leading me to 2. Read the synopsis. Once I’m sold on the synopsis, I must then have the book, leaving me with that surprising number 3… the disconcerting part.

There's just no other way to phrase this. Eye-arresting book covers trick my otherwise good judgment on selecting books to read. Apparently the title is masked, so I never even see it, or read it, much less do I get to read the synopsis.

By all means this is a major discovery requiring further research. Of all things, I could be missing a keeper!
Disclaimer: I've got to do something about my art


  1. I have the same attention-grabbing process you do: title and synopsis. I do admire some beautiful books covers but I'm not sure if they'd get me to pick the book up. If you're in a library and even most brick and mortar bookstores (unless it's the "hot reads" on display), the first thing you will see is the title and author's name on the spine, not the book cover. However, on the insider blogs I read from the publishing industry, they firmly believe that covers can make or break a book. I wonder what feedback they are basing this on.

    1. Exactly! That's the part I have to look more into, though I suspect its that middle ground publishers should be looking for... something in the gray area of those eye-catching covers and those 'how to get rich, books for dummies' ...what I ironically and originally started to post on. (too funny).