More On Powerful, Empowering Women

This post began as one of those things hard to let go of. Without going into the entire mushy story, let’s just say… I reached a point where I needed a laugh… desperately big time, which ironic as it was, I happened to look up at the TV, to see an actress who used to make me laugh, except I didn’t know her name.

So, I got to scouring around, trying to figure out where I’d seen this actress performing before. To note; I’m bad with names and titles to start with… best proven by the fact that lo and behold, after searching and searching, wouldn’t it be that the actress whose name I was looking for, was one of the ‘original’ Queens of Comedy. I mean come on now…

I could see if the other Queens of Comedy were so-so comedians, you know, the ones we have to work hard at unearthing those guttural laughs to meet their hard to locate punch-lines. But this wasn’t the case. All of these women are only my absolute very favorite female comedians.

Well, there is one more comedian I would like to add the humor-mill. Wanda Sykes. Yes, I really like her too.

So this post is dedicated to the women who have lightened up many of loads over the years. We may not be all things, to all people, but humor served in great variety, charitably, is one of life’s basic necessities not to be taken for granted. It's reminiscent of a quote that still echoes in this day. You may recall it too... "This is going to hurt me worse than it's gonna hurt you," just before getting the hurtin' of our life. Off-brand humor like this, delivered unprocessed but deftly, not only has the capability to remove wrinkles – more naturally – but it actually uplifts, often bringing us to our best, in our greatest time of need.

And oh, on an extra benevolent note; I finished reading ‘Not The Mother I Remember’ by Amber Lea Starfire, one of the most fascinating stories I’ve read this year, if not in many years. This book is an absolute must to experience; another way to celebrate the occasion.

When life gets hard, humor takes the edge off is all. I do love powerful, empowering women. (Also see the Rhapsody Series).


  1. What a great article to ease into the weekend with.
    I have to say I am more inlove with satirical and /or deadpan type humour....maybe i'm just a very unpleasant person. My favourite comedian on telly is John Cleese...that should tell you a whole lot...hahahaha

    1. Thank you. That's the thing about humor... we each drink from different cups, though John Cheese is delightful!

      ...I did have to look him up though...which after doing so, makes it seem like I'm the very unpleasant person! dern! 'Cause I try so hard to prove I'm really extra nice.


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