Open Book Talk: Uncensored Content

In an ecosphere rich in diverse cultures, made up of its own impulses, rules and laws tempered by whimsical uncertainties and vagueness, it’s not always easy to keep it real. Bite your tongue, and you should’ve spoken up. Speak up, and you should’ve put filters on it. Put filters on it, and you’re sugarcoating, or just being plain phony... even if only you know this.

So how do we keep it real in a climate full of ambiguity? This is what my next Open Book Talk will focus on.

Currently hundreds of readers are hooked onto books written by popular writers. But this is a niche statistic venturing nowhere near the volumes of mysterious untapped non-reading population unaware of what uncensored content is, and how it affects the reading experience.

If you are interested in helping potential readers not only read every page in that book, but as well want to pick up another book; or if you are interested yourself in gaining insight into what enhancing the reading experience is all about, you'll join me Friday, April 25 @3:00p.m. at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce; 200 S. Broad Street – Philadelphia, PA; inside the Hyatt Bellevue (Walnut & Broad - 7th Floor).

ALSO, do you write poetry? If so, submit your poem to our Best Storytellas in Town contest for a chance to win cash and prizes.

Contest ends May 15th! Click the image to view the guidelines.


  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing initiative.

    1. Hi Kathryn! Yes, unbelievably amazing! And thanks for dropping in. Reminded of your latest book I've been meaning to add. Congrats! I love, love the cover.


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