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Title Tuesday

If not for sake of celebrating today's meme and droning home a point, then as a to test my recall, or rather, to prove how well I know my work, I'm treating us all to the backstory on my list of published titles.

My Blackberry (pub 2002) is a collection of essays and poetry written for my mother who as a child used to be referred to by her complexion… 'black gal,' which I spiced up to title ‘My Blackberry’.

Atl√≥ta (pub 2003) is a collection of poetry inspired by and dedicated to an 11th grade English teacher who challenged students in a duel of words by assigning these ‘all be damned’ vocabulary tests. The title itself, pronounced (At-Low-Ta) is an acronym for; All The Letters Of The Alphabet – which speaks to an incident associated with one of these ‘all be damned’ vocabulary tests. (Now, the real backstory to be gotten is what's behind 'all the letters of the alphabet'… haha!)

God Be the Glory (pub 2005) is a memoir that hallmarks the single most notable and influencing chapter of my writing career. I was told, and asked, “why is it written God Be the Glory... when it’s supposed to be 'To God Be the Glory.'" My answer: "In RYCJ speak it is GOD BE THE GLORY!"

the Rhapsody Series… (respectively published 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Leiatra’s Rhapsody is a contemporary romance novel, notably uncharacteristic of the genre, but the FIRST most romantic family saga you’ll ever come across. The series begins with Leiatra (pronounced Lee-ATE-Tra) getting married and soon after wanting to know 'why men cheat' thus begins her song… alas the meaning behind the title.
  • Something Xtra Wild picks up with Leiatra’s struggle to get her husband back (permanently) after a brief separation… thus her method to do so is where the title originated. 
  • This One I Got Right continues with a bet between the couple where the stakes are high… so high that when fans suggested that I keep things “kosher or non-raunchy” I nodded and smiled… sure you're right! After biting and holding my tongue writing the first two novels, I decided to turn things WAY UP and...whaala... there stood the title!
  • Rye & the Rump is a continuation of this family saga, though toned down for two reasons. 1) I had to write the story to match the title that 2) My father gave me!
  • My Love is just that… what this entire series means to family, love, marriage… and me.
GEM (pub 2005/08) is a collection of poems, essays, and one-act play written to celebrate the many GEMS who’ve inspired me.

Black Table (pub 2006/09) is a memoir of essays dedicated to the ‘black lacquer table’ my family used to sit around and recall the many stories told within this collection.

Pretty Inside Out (pub 2009) is a diverse workplace novella that takes place in the customer service department at a major Federated store. The premise is pretty, inside out.

Storytella (pub 2010) is a collection of short stories that emboldens the importance of investing in our youth… told through the storytella’s eyes growing up.

Tehuelche (pub 2010) is a historical story of a picture I dreamt. Native Americans figured heavily in this dream, so I searched for a native American tribe name that I liked… thus the title.

A Piece of Peace (pub 2011) is a spiritual story of sibling rivalry instigated by a Bible-wielding sister and an incensed brother who want nothing more than a piece of peace.

Pleasure (pub 2011) is an erotic tale of a young girl nicknamed Pleasure who chronicles her escapades and experiences while living with young 'tough' men, to end up discovering and knowing herself through learning the difference between love, sex, and gratuitous sex.

Double Dare (pub 2012) is a contemporary chic-lit tale of two married women who take “living life to the fullest” to extremes in this fast-paced 'double dare' adventure.

Mindless (pub 2012) is a MINDLESS corporate mystery...

Blast From the Past (pub 2012) is a poetry book that is going back to the drawing board. Ugh! The title itself was my attempt merge all of my older published and 'unpublished' poems with new poems… thus the blast from the past being the older ‘unpublished' poems.

Lock Box (pub 2012) is a paranormal mystery told through an incensed father trying to protect his daughter, and the public, from uncovering a secret ‘to life’ contained in (unbeknownst to him) a lock box!

Note: Leitara's Rhapsody, SomethingXtra Wild, Black Table, and GEM have several editions prior to being published by OSAAT Entertainment. The other titles are 1st Editions.


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