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The Backstory: From Copulation to Birthing Novels

I passed 10 stories this morning on my trip to the pharmacy and back home. It proves that while ideas come a dime a dozen, the ART of storytelling doesn't...

Rushing out of the house at five of, ticked because I hadn’t done what I was supposed to have done the day before, my fault, I hopped in the car, pulled away from the curb and right there caught two people I’d never seen before standing by a mailbox, one holding a cup of something steamy, both talking. First thing I thought was... gossip. And the next thing I saw was this long drawn out who did what, when, where and why—story #1. Drama.

What Happens When We Censor Books

Censoring books is like a grocery store filled with red apples and Noxzema. If you can get by on apples and Noxzema, you’re all set. If not, you’ll either have to grow or make your food and beauty products to your taste, or…… find someone who is making or growing grocery products.

That pretty much sums up how censorship works.

Now, I’m going to share a short uncensored story, since that’s what I do…is share stories.

Surprising Tidbits I've Learned About Writing…and Reading

My earliest stumble jockeyed around trying to figure out what an audience was, and how to build one.

The answer may seem like a benign wonderment, however I’m not wholly convinced I share in this visual alone. You know the picture. The one where we make a film... manage to have it shown in a theatre... where it gets listed on a billboard with other films showing that evening… and whaala, people show up and there’s our audience.

Building a loyal following is an act, and art much appreciated.

Negative Beast, Positive Feast... in a Top 10 List

So demands the laws of natural science, balance is essential, to include the morasses of negative and positive energy. Of course this is nothing new, alas the same old story, which got me to thinking…

...This is a good spot to blog how I handle balancing the work in a book biosphere, and still keep my sanity! And I know. Some might argue about that last point, only then to be compelled to read on…

My Book Biosphere Balancing Activity Illustrated…

What Does My Family Think of My Writing?

This post was inspired by a Mother She Writer’s teacher-blogger inviting other bloggers to expand on: Writing and the Public/Private Line: What Will The Family Think?

My fixation on writing began as a child, when I was four, which as it would be, I was telling my father how I wanted to write about our family, to show the world they were not bad people. He told told me, “not only did I not have enough experiences to write, but I also didn’t want to write about family because it might hurt them.”

How To Cure Hot Flashes!

The information I’m about to impart here might help with a lot more than dealing with sudden, extreme body temperature fluctuations.

My discovery began once upon a time when I was down in the dumps, not feeling my perkiest, about to give up, and started reading from ashes to africa by Josh and Amy Bottomly. Midway into the book I realized I might've been on to something as the story cleared up my pity focus real quick.