Quoting the Greats!

This post was inspired by a quote I caught the other day on LinkedIn. “The Cream Shall Rise to the Top” my now latest favorite quote.

That phrase has been tangled up in my spirit, ruminating in my mind, resonating deep in my heart and wreathing above my head like a dancing halo vying to keep me looking up.

One thought led to the next, and the next thing I know, I’m thinking it would be a great idea to update my blog with great quotes; all those quotes that come to me without having to go anywhere searching and digging them up.

Starting with movies, to get the wilder thorns out of the way, there are several films that stay with me in a quotesy type way. Sometimes I even get to acting them out, albeit when no more than my husband or family, or really close friends are around.

Taking a tintsy leap on assumption I think my husband likes my Waiting to Exhale act. You might recall the scene… the one where Bernadine is relieving a little bit of stress. Can I say it? “Get your S***, Get your S***, and get out!” Yeah, I think he really likes that scene because I catch him trying to stifle a laugh.

Tony Montana in Scarface, in the restaurant, the “bad guy” scene towards the end of the movie is one of the most profound moments in that film.

And of course Tombstone… and that’s parroting Doc Holliday on every single gun-slinging, card-conning quote he feeds that film.

But… but… I can’t leave out Jada Pinkett in Low Down Dirty Shame. “Shame, see…you sleeping on my skills” and, “I’m on the beach!”

Note: I know the movies are late 80’s/90’s old, but they just aren’t making movies like the used to.

My Favorite Writing Quote: 

“If you don’t see the book you want to read, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison.

Two of my favorite, more so personal offline voices of inspiration I frequently recall to quote:

“Keep it simple, stupid,” – that was my mother speaking specifically to me… a lot.

And “it’s a beautiful thing...” – frequently quoted by a previous co-worker.

Favorite Book Quotes: 

“If you’re anything like me…” – inside Hong Konged by Paul Hanstedt.

And oh my… this one… “Home is portable if one is in commune with one's soul. ...For mine is a landscape where Saigon, New York, and Paris intersect, where the Perfume River of Hue flows under the Golden Gate Bridge." – Perfume Dreams by Andrew Lam.