On the 9th Day of Christmas...

On the 9th day of Christmas my readers said to me
praise the best titles you couldn’t refuse...

Many things make me look, but just because I look doesn’t guarantee it’s going to be a good book.

These were the books that caught my attention solely based on the title and turned out to be just good on the inside, as the outside.

A Boy From Down East by Larry B. Gray
Cats, Scarves and Liars by Kathryn White
Easy Like Sunday Mourning by Jennie Marts
Grumpy Old Menopause by Carol Wyer
She Likes It Rough by G.V.R. Corcillo
Ugly to Start With by John Michael Cummings
Who Owns America’s Past? by Robert C. Post

Other books read in previous years that caught my attention by the title... and ended up being one of my many favorites...

Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker by Marla Martenson
How to Be Black by Baratunde Thurston
Life On the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black by Gregory Howard Williams
Out of Captivity: Surviving 1,967 Days in the Colombian Jungle by Marc Gonsalves
Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern
Something's Wrong with Your Scale by Van Whitfield
The Black Russian by Vladimir Alexandrov
The Broke Diaries: The Completely True and Hilarious Misadventures of a Good Girl Gone Broke by Angela Nissel
The Life and Laughs of an at Home Mom: A Humorous Look at the Daily Joys of a Wife and Mom by Chris Liefer
You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes: A Memoir by Laura Love

I love it when I select something based on what first meets the eye, to find out my eyes have good instincts.

Seasons Greetings to All.