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An Eye-Catching Review

Not only is this not a book review, but this movie review is based on the perspective of a dog. This one was just too unique not to re-post. Read all about it, Frenchbo Dilla's review of The Lego Movie: "everything is [not] awesome!"
Originally posted 2/17/14

Why it is Critically Important to Toot Our Horns

Now, it’s up to you about where or how loud you toot your horn. On your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or if you can work it out with FAA, maybe they’ll help you toot your horn across the sky. Imagine that? Seeing each other’s accomplishments written across the sky.

And yes, this may sound different, but wait until you hear the rest of this... the few ground rules if you’re trying to figure out what to toot.

"Old School Love"

Only because Black Table will soon be available on Kindle and iBook; and only because Valentine’s Day is around the corner… have I decided to share this tale; first published 2006, edited for length.

Mr. Romance “A Valentine Tale”
Now Mr. Romance didn’t get excited about much, but seeing Eddie and Richard flanked side by side, starring in a movie together told him this was going to be riot. Sitting in the middle of a potato patch on the lookout for potato robbers he knew a lot about good comedy.

Why Write Fiction?

Before going there... let me go here! This is NOT Fiction. I am ecstatic to have landed an interview spot on Wendy Ewurum’s Fabulosity Reads blog.

Wendy is an Xhosa chick from Cape Town with a major proclivity towards blogging, art, books, fashion and home making who moved to the City of Gold a decade ago, acquiring 1 husband, 4 kids and 6 fishes… and she loves to dance. She also is an aspiring writer, a somewhat poet, and a stay/work-at-home mom... the best part; the part she really loves.

I invite everyone, to not only read the interview, but to read Wendy’s blog. You will be in for an amazing treat; one of the best book conversationalists blogging!

The Best Places, and Methods, to Find Good Books

Readers use many metrics to gauge how they find and select books. Some select books based on verbal recommendations. Some look at the number of reviews, or the ratio of favorable reviews. There are those who lean on pulling from best-seller lists, or selecting books published by major publishing houses. And then there are those readers like me, who must dig deeper.