For the Die "Heart" Book Lovers

This post is for readers who not only enjoy talking about books, and writing their thoughts about books they’ve read, but who really want to be a part of increasing reading.

Increasing reading is particularly valuable for authors looking to build an audience. It is also beneficial to those in need of a way to manage the noise that disrupts our quality of life.

Now, while a book does not replace a doctor, medications, a chiropractor, psychologist, partner or soul mate... just as it won’t clean a house, babysit kids, or pay down expenses; it does enhance thinking and thus enriches perspectives that directly affects our quality of life.

The key is finding the right book, thus it is here where everyone and anyone who really wants to be a part of increasing reading can help.

1. Talk up, or write about ONLY those books you like. When you do this, you are building trust among those who will come to rely on your tastes in books. It’s okay if not everyone appreciates your tastes. Other readers practicing this habit will fill those voids.

2. Create reading challenges. On a whim I started this ‘read one page a day from a full length book’ ...and so far got one serious taker.

3. Give books as presents. Now this is something I’ve been doing for a number of years. I might as well stop wrapping my gifts because when people see me coming with a gift, they know exactly what it is. The good thing is; aside from how inexpensive, durable, and unique gifting a book is, is also how later on I get to hear how great the book was.

4. Start a book club, or join a book club. It doesn’t have to be on a serious schedule. Some book clubs meet quarterly, or a few times a year. This is a good way to invite in local authors and rally excitement around reading and books.

5. And this one might sound redundant, but it is important to be passionate about reading. This means talking up any and everything associated with books and reading. Don’t give a reluctant reader the chance to look for something else they might think is more exciting.

One of the greatest reluctant reader moments I celebrate to this day, was reading comments on books I thought highly of where the commenter wrote words to effects: ‘I don’t even like reading, but this book really moved me.’ I’ve caught comments like this enough times to know this is the way to go… when looking to encourage reading.

NOTE: My To-read list has been updated.