Vroom! Vroom! Scootin’ Along...

As promised, and in perfect timing, I’m taking on Liz Shaw’s visual prompt of the week, having created an image of my own that’s inspiring me at the moment. The theme is ‘scootin-along’ and I used... and please, no fainting… but I drew the image using Powerpoint. Sigh.

BTW, I love her image. Linked HERE, look at that face. Ha.Ha. That expression says it all.

My question therefore is, 'why in the umph, can't I commit to keeping things simple?'

Visual Prompt of the Week #1279 – Scootin’ Along.

On an extra note, I posted my thoughts on Meg Bortin's memoir Desperate to Be a Housewife.

Currently I'm reading 'watercolored pearls' by Stacy Hawkins Adams.