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What Feeds My Writing… A Top 10 List Inspiring Aspiring Writers.

It’s this quote I’ve looked for but cannot find! I’ve seen it several times on Facebook, and every time I do, I stop and reread it. I love it that much, but ironically never saved, or shared it because it touches me that deeply. If I come across it, I’ll share it, but for now can only describe it as an observer’s plea to understand the ‘ writer gannets’ that goes into published books.

Thinking about that quote, and looking at a chair full of books, is what inspired this post I’m writing for aspiring writers.

Mentors are at the top of my list. Some may view mentors as someone you corner in an elevator and ask (or beg) to hand you a stepladder to writing and publishing a book, but my mentors are trailblazers who’ve paved a path that has proven to be a gateway to my writing. I’ve included in that caption quotes I respect.

Passion feeds my writing. It was born in me at a very early age.

Imagination. Though sometimes I wished I could, I go nowhere without it.

Talent. Once upon a time I started to post all the things I’m really good at, but thought…nah… what if it’s not true? Still, I couldn’t leave this one out because I’d be posting a half shady list... not to mention I’d be one short of ten.

Experience by far is a big bonus. I am so grateful to my father for telling me long ago that I needed to go out and experience life before I sat down and tried to write. And just to think, it was about the only piece of advice he gave me I ever listened to… and followed!

Reading. Simply asserted: “see Stephen King’s philosophy on reading and writing.”

Family. Man was the Creator not busy when He was creating my family. God, I love my family.

Fans. I get an extra boost knowing that even one person is waiting to read my next book.

A High Sugar Diet. Did I just type that? And psst, I’m not talking about that glucose, fructose carbohydrate food-stuff. But hey listen, I’m only making sure I didn’t leave nobody, or nothing out!

Action. All kidding, and seriousness aside, what really feeds my writing is sitting my behind in a chair and simply DOING IT!


  1. This is a great list, thanks for sharing your insights! I definitely agree that reading, action, and experience are lovely motivators! :)

    1. Thanks Shelah. Now adding Hausa Blues to my to-Read list. What an interesting synopsis.

  2. Great List. Definitely will need passion, imagination, support, willingness to learn from the experts/trailblazers and reading and writing as much as you can. Well said. And my high sugar diet of choice is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

    1. Aah, chocolate. Oh how I do miss eating chocolate. Thanks for stopping by Lidy, and enjoying the list.


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