What is Love?

From what I have learned, what I have found
…Love is unconditional
not provisional
…it doesn’t relate to ifs, ands, maybes or buts
it sometimes not only hurts, but cuts
…has nothing to do with sex
for we can LOVE our parents, our children, our pets, even our work
…and there be no SEX involved in any of it
so it matters none whether a person is short or tall
…big or small
can write well or play ball

…hangs out on the couch or at the mall
speaks proper or calls you, ya’ll
…might have a few coins in the bank or nothing at all
see our pets, our children, and our work
…who we love before and without nothing else
though we still insist on tying this thing called Love
…to something tangible we can define
something or someone we didn’t just catch
…but went for the long haul to find
the keynote to a love we can say is mine
…and Baby I Love You,
Happy Valentine!


  1. Happy Valentine! Couldn't say it better myself. There's all different types of love.


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