Achieving Perfection

How Many is Too Many?

I won’t tell how many novels I work on at one time; and COMPLETE and PUBLISH.

When I first started talking about the novels I wanted to write and had written… and published, folks thought I was bragging… trying to make someone envious. I wasn’t. Didn’t even realize this could be mistaken for bragging. I was just so excited to be pulling off stories I always wanted to write.

It was only when I was pulled aside... and not once or twice, but quite a few times I was asked ‘to please work on one story at a time...’ analogous for slow down. That’s when I started examining what was happening.

The best way to achieve perfection is NOT by slowing down, but increasing output, not only to build on performance, but to know the book publishing industry in its entirety, inside out.

The practice reminds me of days when I used to swim with a friend who had the built-in underground swimming pool. She was a far better swimmer because she got to swim everyday. I only had weekends to practice. Over time she got even better. I didn’t.

Same goes for anyone getting to the top of their game…from the b-ball court to those who make it to the Olympics...and win the Gold. They all have been working at it, every single, almost minute of a day… perfecting on their game long before reaping the accolades.

Reading Between the Lines… Passion drives commitment. More inspiration for aspiring writers.


  1. Excellent post. I don't think of people talking about their writing journey as bragging and the fact is, we do have to practise whatever we do until we have a level of expertise at it. It works even better when we're passionate about what we do.

    1. Hi J.L.,
      What a true honor. I love it when authors appreciate our successes as opportunities to pass on the blessings! Thanks for stopping by. - R

  2. I also don't see it as bragging. I think the assumption is that writers are supposed to be meek and humble but a closed mouth don't get fed. You have to tell people about your accomplishments and that is NOT bragging, it's marketing, so keep doing what you do.

    1. It is an honor to get this comment from you too, Quanie. Didn't quite think of it like that...'a closed mouth don't get fed.' Haha...Love that. Thank you.


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