Authors! Can You Answer YES to All 5 Questions?

1. Do you believe that believing in bad KARMA leaves the whole world blind?
2. Is your book about ‘one’ story that explores “deeply” the topic of people and relationships?
3. Did you enjoy rewriting your book?
4. Can you open your book to any page and reread what is there; and love it?
5. Do you occasionally reread your book?

If you can answer yes to all 5 questions, then I WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK!

I can answer yes to all 5 questions, particularly for the books I’ve written listed below. In terms of the writing experience, and the way the story came together, these are my *5 Star* favorite books… to date!

   the Rhapsody Series:
Pub. 2008 Leiatra’s Rhapsody – series 1
Pub. 2009 Something Xtra Wild – series 2
Pub. 2010 This One I Got Right – series 3
Pub. 2011 Rye & the Rump – series 4
Pub. 2012 My Love – series 5

Pub. 2011 Pleasure
Pub. 2011 A Piece of Peace
Pub. 2012 Double Dare
Pub. 2013 Lock Box
Pub. 2015 Big Bully
Pub. 2015 Copy Cats

** In addition to used copies circulating through online vendors, new copies of my books are available through trade shows, book clubs, and conferences I participate in, and or by contacting me directly.


  1. I don't really understand what the first question means - could you explain a little more? Does it mean that it's okay to believe in good karma but not bad, or that if you have ethics or morals or some other guiding principles, yet believe in bad karma, that this somehow affects how the rest of the world behaves? Neither of those guesses make sense to me, so I'm really quite confused by the question!

    1. Hi Luke, I hope you're asking because you've been able to answer YES for every question but that 1st one---meaning, you might have a book for me to read?

      Believing in bad karma means believing there are people who deserve to be hurt.

      I posed the question to determine authors who can “see” the concept of how innocent people get trapped in a perpetual cycle of what comes around... No winners… the crux of breeding one-dimensional characters.


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