Top 10 Awesome Treats of Motherhood

Motherhood was the best life event that ever happened for me. Admittedly, having children at an early age allowed me to enjoy motherhood in many ways that at a later age would not have been possible. I am so very indebted to the great joy I got out of the single most important job in the world... For there would be no world without women birthing and nursing, and nurturing and caring for these little innocent people.

My top 10 rewards of motherhood from a personal perspective: 

* That first flutter in the pit of my stomach that told me I was going to be a mother… best feeling in the world.

* Bathing and dressing my kids (when they were small) and showing them the world.

* Inventing a schedule that allowed me to enjoy them even more...

* Knowing my kids like a book... as in…
Me: “Hun, where are the kids, did you tell them what time to be home for dinner?”
His answer: “Yes, I told them to be home for dinner.”
Me: “No, did you tell them what time?”
Him: “They know what time we normally eat.”
Me: “Yeah, but I’m telling you, I know what they are going to say soon as they get here. ...That you didn’t tell them what time.”
Him: “Aw, that’s crazy. No they won’t.”
Me: “Okay, wait and see.”

Hours later, after he and I had eaten, the kids finally bounce in the house. He is not happy.

Him: “Didn’t I tell you to be home in time for dinner?”
The Kids: “But you didn’t tell us what time...”

* Memories such as letting my kids drag me to the movies, carrying pillows into the theatre, all to avoid having to interrupt my sleep to pick them up at 2 in the morning!

* The many moments my kids made me beam. There’s not too much that beats things such as looking up at a school billboard to see show times of a play they’d written on display.

* That trip to New York. Oh, if I live to be a million I’ll always treasure that trip!

* I also get a kick out of the disparity between the way each of my kids likes/dislikes comments often made to us by others when we’re out together. Too funny.

* And I’m still holding my ballot out on this one; but I think I’m okay with my kids (today) turning the tables to take charge and take care of me.

* A lifetime of friendship; confiding in and being there for each other.

How was motherhood for you? Do you have 10 awesome treasurable moments?

Happy Mother’s Day!