Short Snarky Stories

This can’t be right, to have so much goodness going on in ones life, and then post something like this. Hopefully, healthy wealthy readers will cut me a little slack as I share a little Friday, get ready for the weekend, humor.

Quotes. I love them, many of them, even those I like to poke fun at... such as these two, which I’ve drawn over in short snarky storytelling fashion.

“Thinkers are great, but doers change the world.”

Short Story.

There were two men, Peter and Paul. Peter, the thinker, and Paul the doer.

Peter inspired the planning and execution of building monumental buildings and systems.

Paul, on the other hand, along with many others did lay the bricks that built the building, and worked off Peter's and his nemesis' inspiration to put systems into motion.

So, who changed the world? Both the Peters' and Pauls'.

Perhaps the quote would read better phrased as, “thinking is great, and even greater when those thoughts “LEAD TO” changing the world…” since who has ever known a doer changing anything, much less the world, without thinking!?!

Another short story to the quote; “It’s better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

A teacher called on one of his students to answer a question. “What’s the law of supply and demand,” asked the teacher.

The student kept his lips sealed, ziplocked shut and just stared at the teacher.

-End of parable-

Perhaps an addendum could go on the end of the latter quote; “What’s the difference?”

All right, so I won’t leave this post up all weekend, but Happy Friday! I just received the gift of a lifetime. Look forward to enjoying some of the details…