People Hunger for Reading…the Truth!

...And better believe it! We can spot a pussyfooter. The thing about it was, I was out and about shopping for some upbeat Lit news when I came upon a post and instantly started squinting my right and left eye.

Reading physical print books is nothing like reading on a device or screen, and neither is it like listening to an audio book or an oral story. Each engages the senses differently, much like listening to music plugged in your ear from a device, vs. music blasting through your home, a public park, coliseum, restaurant, or how about a live band actually playing their music in your home.

…As far as which one is better, that’s a matter of personal preference. It depends. Sometimes a live concert suits the occasion. Other times its pub music, club music, grocery store music… music playing throughout the house or in the car or privately in your ear… you get the point. Everything has its time and place, and each provides a different experience.

Same goes for reading…HOWEVER…because the post I tripped over (proclaiming that reading print, digital and other forms of reading was all the same), was written in an attempt to encourage reading, I’ll shift gears switching over to this other book reading lane.

After spending the better part of the week compromising all of my cool points trying to keep things real, and after clearly announcing how I planned to shorten upcoming posts, I'm kind of a little tickled to find myself back at it again!

But you see, inspiring reading is very important to me; which quality, precise information is the best way to achieve the goal, which further means I must share another true story to substantiate this point...recalling the time I took my son to see a doctor.

Back then he was just starting school and had to get school shots. I always was pretty frank with him, however pediatricians often played the whole sugarcoating game with children.

So we were in the examining room for the shots, which beforehand I told him he was going to get a needle and it would hurt. But the doctor came in, and after engaging him in small talk, answering his questions about the thing (stethoscope) around his neck and the flashlight used to check his ears and such, he told my son he was going to stick him, but it wouldn’t hurt. It was just going to pinch.

My son believed the doctor, of course in lieu of ‘ole’ blue-note mom. So, the doctor pinched him with the needle, to which the nurse had to restrain my son as he attempted to grab the needle (and the doctor) while yelling directly into the stethoscope, “Man! Are you crazy!?! What’s wrong with you!?! That didn’t pinch! That hurt!” (Thank goodness it wasn't my daughter, for she had a lot sharper tongue).

Yet the key to my point was what happened when we were led to the reception area, my son and I, where a nurse asked him to remove his shoes… so he could be weighed.

Welp, as my son kicked off his shoes he looked up at the nurse; very…very angry at this point, and said, “now what are YOU going to do!?! Stick me in my feet!?!”

So reader advocates, when you’re out there selling people on the reading experience, remember… People Hunger for Reading… the Truth. Here are a few articles I came by, all pretty much on point, as I was looking for upbeat Lit news.

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