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Baadasssss! – From a Cultural Perspective

Some might think it odd to watch the same movie over and over and over again, but then not notice the complacency of fitting in, doing what everyone else is doing… and echoing, so that ‘we’ don’t stand out. I’m not complaining. Just noting the similarities since yes I did love the movie Baadasssss! that much, that I would play it on repeat!

Directed by Mario Van Peebles' Baadasssss! is the story of what went into reproducing his father’s 1971 film, "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song." The theme of this “must see” movie so epitomizes what I’m about to muse on.

Vroom! Vroom! Scootin’ Along...

As promised, and in perfect timing, I’m taking on Liz Shaw’s visual prompt of the week, having created an image of my own that’s inspiring me at the moment. The theme is ‘scootin-along’ and I used... and please, no fainting… but I drew the image using Powerpoint. Sigh.

BTW, I love her image. Linked HERE, look at that face. Ha.Ha. That expression says it all.

My question therefore is, 'why in the umph, can't I commit to keeping things simple?'

For the Die "Heart" Book Lovers

This post is for readers who not only enjoy talking about books, and writing their thoughts about books they’ve read, but who really want to be a part of increasing reading.

Increasing reading is particularly valuable for authors looking to build an audience. It is also beneficial to those in need of a way to manage the noise that disrupts our quality of life.

Now, while a book does not replace a doctor, medications, a chiropractor, psychologist, partner or soul mate... just as it won’t clean a house, babysit kids, or pay down expenses; it does enhance thinking and thus enriches perspectives that directly affects our quality of life.