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One Reason to Support Banning Books!

Before the going gets started I better put this disclaimer up top. I sure hope banned books' week wasn't last week, because I sure did neglect to check.

Okay, so that out of the way... Let me be perfectly clear. I DO NOT SUPPORT BANNING BOOKS, however... there is one reason to hop on the occasion to share one miniscule reason that makes banning books tolerable.

The Attention. There. I said it.

People Hunger for Reading…the Truth!

...And better believe it! We can spot a pussyfooter. The thing about it was, I was out and about shopping for some upbeat Lit news when I came upon a post and instantly started squinting my right and left eye.

Reading physical print books is nothing like reading on a device or screen, and neither is it like listening to an audio book or an oral story. Each engages the senses differently, much like listening to music plugged in your ear from a device, vs. music blasting through your home, a public park, coliseum, restaurant, or how about a live band actually playing their music in your home.

Word Choice: Sticks and Stones

A long, long, long…a very long time ago; I’m speaking of 1968 when I first started school and was sitting in those little Seminole circles (supposed to be) repeating after the teacher, “sticks and stones may break our bones, but words shall never hurt us,” when I then realized ‘our mirrors’ might be on backwards.

Connecting the Dots and Missing the Point

When clarity is of issue it is important to be direct, frank, and of course truthful.

When getting at truths is not important, then sugarcoating, toning down and outright lying suffices.

Thanks to my wonderful father and his wide embodiment of sobering advice, one parcel of wisdom I learned from him is how to spot a sincere person. He said this person will be direct and frank, and prone to getting on your everlasting nerves for being too loud and telling almost all of their business. Funny, though that revelation has served me well. One thing about a loud person is, you always see... and hear them... raw honesty right in your face.