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Ego be Damned: True Altruism

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I’ve got a heartfelt thanks… and a valuable message to set in the center of tables.

To the message: There are many ways to give. I’m thinking back on a day when a woman noticed the rough time I was having. Without parceling off the incremental details of this day, I’ll never forget this woman who tugged her husband’s arm as they headed to their car. She said something to him before turning around and asking if I needed help. She didn’t have to do that. She could have ignored what was happening and continued on with her day.

A Cutting-edge Education

Alrighty, FINALLY finished reading Grace Jones’s memoir; and Bob Herbert’s Losing Our Way in close concert [my thoughts here and here]...and was inspired to peel off another layer of skin...thanks Grace... to write this post in acknowledgment of Veteran's Day.

The sections on education in Losing Our Way I couldn’t get my thoughts off the irony in the argument. The clash to maintain a system where every one of its adversaries are by-products of this system (in a basic sense) was striking.

What is Too Much Information?

Living in an age where privacy can only be found if you move beneath a rock, then makes this question very easy to answer.

Just look up the word annoying.

It’s true. If it annoys, it’s too much information for the annoyed.

With that question answered and out of the way, I’m currently reading Grace Jones’ memoir ‘I Will Never Write My Memoirs.’ Hope that wasn’t too much information, which by the way…while I’m on the TMI subject; TMI really is subjective. Be it a book, blog post, an article, or even all those how-to, do-righteous, guess where I am, what I ate, how I feel, or guess what happened to such-and-such feel-good/feel-miserable tweets and FB posts, I can either ignore it, or Will over time and energy it takes to invest in reading it. Thank goodness there is a choice.