Fans, Fame, Fortune and Fun: Making A Cake, and Eating it Too!

January 2009 when I first started blogging, I had neither expectations nor a plan for OEBooks. From the get go I started out exploring and soaking up knowledge on who was doing what, when, where and why in the book blogging ecosphere. This was a new space for me.

I learned a lot; how to draw fans, get likes and comments, and the one where I focused the most attention, building a reading audience.

Through blogging there've been a few BIG HITS; and a comparable BIG MISSES. Reminds me of something someone said to me once; 'how there are times when I’m on it... the humor and personality flowing...leaving none to spare. And then there are those other times when I’m so far off my game that it is a plural shame.'

But then someone else told me to ‘work it... and walk with it,' which none too ironic is what majorly lends to OEBooks’ success. What in the world am I going to post next? That's the flavor working over here.

Fortunately, what also has contributed to OEBooks unbroken flow, is my impartiality to fame and fortune. While I won’t dare hop on that left foot contending that I have been either, I can vouch for having peeked beneath that left foot and learned I not only had to take a stand, but I had to make a choice.

Did I want to continue having fun, pursuing my passion and purpose? Or did I want to sacrifice the fun, passion and purpose to focus on fame and fortune?

Thanks to the many bloggers I’ve virtually, and in some instances personally met over the years, along with lessons learned...discoveries made... and the pure unadulterated, nonstop fun experiences of book blogging, it wasn’t a hard choice to make. A revelation to me; in the book world, real readers can move in and out of all these worlds. For them, there's no concern about making a choice. Talk about learning something new!


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