Practical Advice Only Artists Can Appreciate

To celebrate the occasion I'm posting the Top 10 Things a Writer (or Artist) can do when he or she has completed a large project, such as writing a 80,000 word novel like the one I just completed. This marks the 24th book I’ve written to date!!!

And so here I go… counting up to 10.

Perhaps we can start by looking around the house for things we likely misplaced while being hunkered in... You know, like our shoes, clothes to slip on, a hair comb, maybe our spouse???

--- Then, brush your teeth. People love good smelling breath and pretty pearly white teeth.

--- Wash your face, too.

--- And bathe...

--- Also, comb your hair.

--- And get DRESSED! Please get dressed. Don't forget and skip this part. It might be important...

...especially if there is still a world out there operating much like it was before you set down to start the novel.

...Because here's the next thing. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. This one should be high on the must do's. Go! Go find the people you love and see if they still remember you.

...Which means you may want to brush up on your communication skills first. Like, practice first saying hello and introducing yourself before getting right to it; blurbing the hell out of the book you just wrote, and why you couldn’t return their calls, emails, or scout out a way to keep in contact.

--- Immediately after, like without waiting on the 'hoorah’, or something like forgiveness, head straight for a party...any party...and celebrate, Celebrate, CELEBRATE... like it's 1999 all over again! (Bless Prince, he will be missed!)

...Bringing me straight to number 10 on My List... going right back to grind to do what I love most...reading, blogging, and vamping up to complete my next book!

Happy Keeping it Sane Saturday. Disclaimer: I made that up.