Addressing Complex Problems

It’s easy to point out problems. Often difficult to solve those problems. And rarer to find doers that actively employ humane resolutions to alleviate complex problems.

True Story...

I wouldn't be on my job if I didn't share this story. There was a time when I was working on a project that I just knew I had THE answer. About 300 problems later, stemming from the original task that I thought I had the answer, I quickly gained a new respect for those in leadership roles toiling for a balanced civil diplomacy. This advice therefore, is not coming from a naive willy-nilly space.

What’s most amazing is the answer to getting at an individual peace is all around us, right inside a sea of books in our midst begging to be read… cover-to-cover.

Reading books Cover-to-Cover uses the brain, which promotes physical well-being; relaxing and exercising the body all in one.

Reading books Cover-to-Cover also educates, motivates thinking, stimulates empathy, prompts us to handle complex problem in innovative ways, and sometimes includes the propensity to entertain us as well.

If getting a physical workout, learning something new and being entertained all rolled in one simple, stress free act seems too easy to be practical, I’d say don’t knock til you’ve tried it. All required is finding the right book you’ll want to read cover-to-cover. Not every book suits everyone.

One of the best ways to tackle that quandary is to visit any local FREE library and start scanning the first pages of as many books as possible. The book that is impossible to put down is your book. Print books are highly favored, not only for the overall reading and search experience, but also for those without access to electronic devices, or for those easily distracted or overwhelmed by virtual gadgets. (You can also contact me.)

When that book is found, it will force reading the book cover-to-cover. The reader will talk endlessly about the book, and remember the story forever.

The more we read books cover-to-cover, the more empathetic we become as we learn the ‘other’ side of stories. Assumptions be gone, we will come to respect, not always agree with however, other perspectives. We will develop an insatiable thirst for reading…to learn more, to know more…to get that scoop in 2 hour, 3 hour workouts, and be entertained and relaxed, and often without realizing it, the body will feel better too.

A funnier picture, and that being funny as in ironic, is imagining a world reading like this. Can you hear it? The silence alone would mute a handful of social drawbacks instantly.

Hate isn’t the foe. Judgment that produces hating anyone or anything…regardless of the reason… is the foe. I don’t always like the ways of everybody, BUT LOVE EVERYONE.