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Good Things Come to Those Who...

…Seek Good.

This is a Top 10 list of posts, articles, emails and such that spoke to me over the week, (now weeks).

In no particular order, first up is a new word I learned after my eye hooked on to a Word for the Day posted by #ForReadingAddicts on Facebook.

“Entendre” was the word…though I believe ‘Triple Entendre’ was used. Upon looking further into what was a new phraseology (thanks Prince) for me, all be dern I discovered my #1 best sold, most read poem Atlóta, is a ‘Quintuple Entendre???’

#2. And okay…so, my new thing is watching the cooking shows, but lo and behold one day I stopped on C-SPAN2 Book TV's channel, after my ear, or maybe that was my eye got snagged on the caption, ‘Serious Readers’ …talking about books. Sometimes I wonder if readers read most, or any of those books ‘cover-to-cover’ know…to get the FULL gist of the content. Ed Rendell’s book A Nation of Wusses is one of the most memorable books (of that serious nature) that engaged me to read every page.

#3. And speaking of watching TV, I so adored the movie: A Grandpa for Christmas. Yeah, I caught that drama on Hallmark…and fell in love with the AWESOME #Storytelling.

#4. Which speaking of #Storytelling… 5 Tricks Fiction Writers Can Learn From Journalism was a truly digestible post, posted by Writers Digest. Nothing but applause coming from this end.

#5. Book Riot also caught me checking out its list of books perfect to read in one sitting. Never heard of them, not that they aren’t worth looking into, or that Readathons don’t grab me, but the list did inspire me to list a few great books I have read in one sitting… Thou Shalt Not Steal by Bill ‘Ready’ Cash and Al Hunter Jr. ... Farewell, My Beijing by Chi Newman ...How Do Rumors Get Started by Marcus Thompson ...Just Waiting for the Bell by David Wehmeyer ...I Didn’t Ask to Be Born by Bill Cosby ...Night by Elie Wiesel... to peel off a few.

#6. …bringing me to a ‘Paul Sheldon Fan’ that really took it there in a bookstore. Amazing. Not sure if the video was staged, but I hadn’t heard of either the book Misery, or the author Paul Sheldon, however it only took a second to Google and discover Stephen King is the author who wrote about the author Paul Sheldon in his best selling book Misery. #CustomerService #Consulting... my other ‘expert’ professions.

#7. Now this post really got me to thinking. I was scratching my head and all. 'To Curate—Not A Good Idea.' Hmmm… after reading this one five or six times, I think I’m going to go on and start calling myself a curator of ‘page-turning books’. Seriously.

#8. And OH BOY! When I discovered the Library Hotel ...and BTW... this hotel is located over there at 299 Madison Avenue... as in New York City... steps away from the New York Public Library!!! ...5th Avenue Shopping, Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square........ I was like, forget Lagos and Faro, I'm on my way...already there!

#9. A little more subtle than that #8, I happened upon, as recent as today, ‘Five Reasons Why Readers Don’t Leave Reviews.’ Ask, and this author shall receive!

BUT…BUT… MY #10 ABSOLUTELY TOPS THIS LIST. Toes giggling and psyched out of my mind I’ve first got to annotate this one!

True Story.

Attending Air Shows, in particular to see the Blue Angels, was my BIG THING. I loved the Blue Angels in an Air Show. Even herald them in one of my best pieces of poetry ‘Let it Be’. I’ve also read Fate is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann. Loved the entire 369 page effulgent book to pieces. And of course, I respect our military men and women. I’ve read many of their stories, not without mention, have lived a part of military life too.

So imagine receiving a book review request to read a book written by a pilot that has flown F-16’s/18's!?! Oh, My, Goodness! I’ve got the book in hand… sitting jump-seat… shaking like a leaf, flying sky-mile high in a very holistic beautiful mood!


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