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Top 10 Memoirs I REALLY Want to Read

Oh, My, Goodness. A few weeks back I happened to catch Mr. Wonderful crying on TV as he spoke about his dad and part of his life. LET ME REPEAT. I happened to catch Mr. Wonderful crying on TV! Really crying!!! I’m not sure if the clip was a Trick or Treat, but the snippet did prompt this post.

In addition to wanting to read Kevin O’Leary’s ‘Cold Hard Truth’, after having just finished reading the biography on Notable Author, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., I now have my literary radar out and about, hoping that Sports Journalist Jemele Hill, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Professional Tennis Player Serena Williams, Singer and Poet Jill Scott, Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay and Music Rapper and Actor Snoop Dogg pen unbeatable memoirs.

Getting the Most Out of Book-signings

This post was inspired by Marja McGraw’s (Monday, October 10, 2016) blog post… ‘Is a Lemon Always a Lemon?’ 

Despite the dancing phrasing of the title, which initially...and admittedly eluded me, the topic of McGraw’s post proved to be common fair. Host or attend enough book-signings and  surely you’ll encounter an uncomfortable figure (or many) sitting behind booths, hungry-eyed and ice-cold hands, looking woefully underappreciated because few, if anyone is interested in their book(s). Been there and seen it, even if (knocking on all kinds of wood) this isn’t a personal association.

Giving Credit Where Much Credit is Due

Excising the fat and gittin’ to the nitty-gritty kickin’ shysters to the curb, iniquity sells. Iniquity wins all popularity contests. It’s the reason I killed the idea of serenading 100 individuals who positively inspired me, in my best-selling book, GEM.

Yep, set on writing literature sapped in pleasantry, words that might beautify the literature landscape, it suddenly occurred to me… ‘who’da’ YKW wants to read about good people?’ Isn't goodness the stuff we’re goaded to eat up and keep to ourselves?