Giving Credit Where Much Credit is Due

Excising the fat and gittin’ to the nitty-gritty kickin’ shysters to the curb, iniquity sells. Iniquity wins all popularity contests. It’s the reason I killed the idea of serenading 100 individuals who positively inspired me, in my best-selling book, GEM.

Yep, set on writing literature sapped in pleasantry, words that might beautify the literature landscape, it suddenly occurred to me… ‘who’da’ YKW wants to read about good people?’ Isn't goodness the stuff we’re goaded to eat up and keep to ourselves?

That said, just because there is a romping, raving and roving sensation around iniquities doesn’t mean writers must commit to writing the ugliest vices in effort to win readers. Although well written stories without the dinner bowl serving sizes of iniquities are like needles in a haystack to find, those books do exist...and I for one do a lot of digging to find them... and to that same limerick try to write them as well. See my favorites (and published work) list.

At any rate, and getting to my real point, I just finished reading Every Little Step by Bobby Brown and My Road by Major General Charles Williams. Both stories couldn’t have been written in more polar opposites…and here’s the key, both still be genuine solid page-turners.

My thoughts on both books are here and here.