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My Best Literary Moments of 2016… A Top 10 List!

What a 2016 it has been! Up and down, up in the air and over and back and forth across a pacified pandemonium its been. The longest year I don’t care if I ever revisit again, save for these TEN occasions I’m taking with me into 2017.

For starters, I pine to read relatable posts easy to respect. Six of my absolute mood moving, mind mending were:

Alan Rinzler’s Write a killer memoir: My 9 top tips hit all kinds of high notes. All of the memoirs I’ve read and enjoyed seem to resonate from this school of thought.

My 2016 Top 10 Favorite Books

I’ve decided to post my favorites list for two reasons.

1) With five days remaining ‘til Christmas, I know someone is looking for that last minute meaningful, priceless gift to purchase, that won’t put a real dent in the wallet. Posting this list just might help that desperate shopper.

2) I’m also antsy about sharing this list because ‘all-be-dog-gonnit’ if I didn’t I happen to read a post on FACEBOOK about an author proclaiming to write something like 57…or it could’ve been 75,000 words in…get this…24 hours! The most I’ve ever written (towards a book in this given time frame), was 10,000 words. Naturally it makes sense to take on this dare 😳 …hopefully, as a Christmas gift to myself 🙃.  After all, I still have 6 books to finish, thus is what prompted me to post my favorite’s list earlier than usual.

When Time Flies

The funny thing about time is actually seeing it fly. Of course, and this is even funnier, it’s not always a very laughable event witnessing something as precious as time vanishing into clear air, especially when you cannot account for most of it.

Eight years ago—2008, almost to this very date, I gave birth to my first novel, Leiatra’s Rhapsody. Now, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention how for most of my life I’ve been writing, reading and researching the literature industry. In other words, writing my first novel, and subsequent 23 books, didn’t dash off my keyboard by some ingenious magical act. Writing was my lifelong dream.