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Writing Interruptions: Top 10 Short Story List

Empty 9-to-5...and a comfy room of my own, and still the writing distractions exist... proof that Newton's Third Law of Motion is real. No matter where you move, there will always be those proverbial Joneses living right next door.

Finding books I can afford (and want to read I must add) is time-consuming and does get in the way of writing. Not that I mind, like who doesn't enjoy shopping, and looking for bargains all the better, yet this all swings right back around to that empty chair waiting for my behind to sit in it and WRITE.

Arranging and then rearranging my to-read list eats up time too, although read it as I later weep, I do enjoy musing over this list. It's like playing eeny, meeny, miny moe with deciding which Christmas gifts to open first, and then next, and then so forth and so on.

Nothing BUT nothing compares to how much time I devote to reading. I read so much that there is zero need to annotate this one.

...And while I'm here, I skip right on around the time that gets lapped up writing reviews for books I greatly admire and respect. I might not mince my words, but do spend pretty minutes putting my thoughts out there.

NOW blogging, which I love, Love, LOVE...all in dexterous effort to motivate reading by sharing these carefully curated books beats up a clock like there is no such thing as time! Again, I love blogging, until I happen to check the time, or how about 'the calendar?!'

On a personal note, I dole out some precious time when I must leave my cubby writing hole to step out into the sunshine...and/or hailstorms of the real world. Simple things such as deciding what to wear and other basic grooming chores can take forever.

Sleep is another foe. Gotta get in the zzz's. Somewhere I read Einstein got 8 hours sleep...not that I'm trying to compare, saying little of whether this data is even true, but scarfing a bare minimum 6 hours a day is putting a big dent in my writing time, given all the other givens.

...and oh, this one...FACEBOOK. This changes from year to year, month to month. Started with Book Blogs and Blog Hops, and now I'm coming up on a near 10 year high hooked on Social Media.

...Though my social media high is no where near as addictive as watching the cooking channels! Cupcake Wars, Cake Wars, CHOPPED, Cutthroat Kitchen, Cooks Vs. Cons, Bakers vs. Fakers...and especially Beat Bobby Flay!!! I AM HOOKED!!! I put a whole lot on back burners when these shows are airing.

And yet nothing is as diverting as spending hours on end focused on saying what I mean, and meaning what I say. It's more than writing responsibly and speaking from the heart. It's about monitoring my keystrokes lettering art.


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