Fall Reading List

Ok, so I shaved my reading challenge for 2017... down by 10 books. It was hard, and for more reasons than missing the pure joy of reading.

At any rate, I’ve been looking over my to-read pile (again), which includes adding more books to ensure I am able to construct A STRONG Top 10 Favorites’ List this year. Now, I don’t have money but I’m throwing all the coins I do have on the list below. These are the stories I hope to credit for putting my mood in a good place. Bet on.

10. Money by Tris Dixon 😎
9. Crazy Rich by Jerry Oppenheimer 🤔
8. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson 🤣😛
7. The Family by David Laskin 😐
6. Bedlam by Dominick Bosco 👀
5. My Mistake by Daniel Menaker 🤓
4. Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela 😓
3. Ghandi’s Autobiography 😇😌
2. Love Don’t Live Here No More by Snoop Dogg and/or The Doggfather by Snoop Dogg 😲😳
1. Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson 🤗

Note: I don't care who published the book; whether traditionally or self-published... be-it a celebrity or a lone ranger... or regardless of the topic, whether about knitting, badminton or paperclip collecting, I'm always interested to read memoirs! My ONLY PREFERENCE is that reader recommending the book, couldn't close the book. Please email me and let me know if you know of such a book.

Disclaimer: It’s possible that one of the books on my ‘desk pile’…or in my bookcase… or how about still in the bookstore… might land in my hands and beat out the competition. Of course, anything is possible…



  1. Great list. I recently read Neon Pilgrim by Lisa Dempster, which is about an Australian woman who travels through Japan--one of the most interesting memoirs I've read in a long while.

    1. Thank you, and this book does sound interesting. Did you write a review on it? Wondering if it was more humorous, or more reflective? Wished it was available in print! ;-)

    2. More reflective--I felt as though I was on the journey with the author. I wrote a review a couple of weeks back. It's available in print--copies for sale on the Book Depository, but they're a bit pricey. (Australian books always are :/)

    3. Although I love being humored 'somewhat' more, I also love it when you feel like you're right there, walking that mile in the memoirists' shoes;-) ...And glad the book is in print. I'll have to look into this depository to see what else is there too! 🤗🤓


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