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A Reading Confession

And so it happened... again. I finished reading a book that had been on my DNF (Did Not Finish) all truth and honesty... for years I think!

This is a humble confession nonetheless. It's not easy to ignore stigmas I’ve picked up on over the years, salty about readers like me who take years... often decades after publication to get around to reading, and finishing a book. And even so, in my defense, confession #2; this is the sole reason I’m reluctant to part with my DNF shelf.

Despite all the books I own, the beauty of this DNF shelf are ALL the times when I cannot find one book on my (coveted to-read) shelf that suits my mood. Either they are too long, or too light, or too something or the other (usually emanating from that first page) that is not ‘just right’.

That’s when I’ll amble over to my DNF shelf, wondering and wondering of all the books on this shelf, which one... Is The One?

Once I plucked ‘Just Waiting for the Bell!’ by David Wehmeyer off the shelf. How in …

A Hard Act to Follow

One challenge of reading is reading a really engaging book and then, with fingers crossed, hoping the next book will top, or at least equal the reading experience. For me the challenge is quadrupled because I pine for redeemable stories... stories that have the power to give me a peace of mind.

All that exposed, because I'm always looking out for those looking for this same peace of mind, along with hoping that by putting out this good energy the favor might be returned, I pulled together a list of favorite books that not only are spirit enhancers, and thus easy to refer to as riotously entertaining, but also...and of course... were some hard acts to follow.

A Hamster is Missing in Washington, DC by Ed Spivey Jr.
Doing Germany by Agnieszka Paletta
Farewell, My Beijing by Chi Newman
Hong Konged by Paul Hanstedt
Just Waiting for the Bell by David Wehmeyer
Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern
The Kitchen Sink Papers: My Life as a Househusband by Mike McGrady
The Last Blind Date by Linda Yelli…