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Top 10 Reasons to Trust My Book Recommendations

...Because I only recommend books I have read cover-to-cover.
...Because I invest time mining for books offering unique perspectives.
...Because recommending books that either made me think, had me in tears crying-laughing or touched me to the core, turning pages at a remarkable clip are proving to naturally motivate a passion for reading.
...Because books encompassing a redeeming quality are more likely to inspire action, opposed to reaction.

In other words, recommending stories prone to nurture the spirit passes inspiration forward.

...Because many of the books on my recommended reading list have engaged self-confessed nonreaders, or surprised readers who didn’t expect to be engaged.
...Because every book on my recommended list has an elaborate personal backstory on how I found the book, what I loved most about the content and specifics of why I recommend the book. Otherwise stated, I reviewed the book.
...Because my book recommendations spare busy people the guesswork, guessing wh…

Deciding What to Read Next…

Deciding what to read next is something like deciding what to eat next. Will it be homemade soup and saltines, a full spread to include the kitchen sink, or simply leftovers?

The thing is, I just finished reading Pearl Cleage’s ‘What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day,’ and Erma Bombeck’s ‘At Wit’s End’… (my thoughts here and here). Both books were good. Actually it's kind of funny how I literally tripped over Bombeck's book after it must've fallen from my bookcase. Talk about a book talking; I guess nudging me in its own way to be read. None-the-less both books are certainly worth recommending to anyone who hasn’t read in a while and not in a mood for extra drama. These books are what I call glucose controllers. They won’t mess with your blood pressure, not that I’m looking for mines to be messed with, but I am over here wringing my hands looking forward to opening ‘that’ book!

Honestly, I fear what might be behind the cover, ‘Pain Don’t Hurt’ by Mark ‘FightShark Miller…

Humble Yourself.

So, she who vowed never to write her memoir, just finished writing a memoir.

I AM, YES, Ecstatic. I’m ecstatic for a few reasons. For one, I completed yet another book. Any writer worth their soul knows the feeling of completing a full-length manuscript. And of course I’m relieved that I can now get back to my blogging and reading. But I’m also ecstatic because the very reason I never wanted to write a memoir, happened to be the very reason I’m so darn stoked.

- I am stoked that the story of my writing journey came together so naturally, so easily.
- I am stoked about how much of a treat it was to reread the work, going back to fix this and that.
- I am stoked about how much of a treat it was to reread the work, over and over, period!
- But I am most stoked by the fact that my blood pressure didn’t shoot up to the stroke measuring digits and put my behind in the hospital like it has done on one occasion, and almost did on other occasions.

At least one secret out of the bag, this was …