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Genuine Women Rock!

Funny thing about genuine women is they rarely say much when first meeting one. Oh, she’ll look me up and down, sizing me up I’m guessing, taking in most of what she thinks she sees before ever imparting any real piece of her mind. Gossip is just not her thing; mines neither, which is why when she unleashes one of them pearls of wisdom, Baby Look Out, I know this is a Woman Who Rocks!
Genuine Women are as Compassionate as Passionate

Doesn’t mean she won’t make mistakes, do wrong, be wrong, get mad and have those bad days. We all have our hard days, ugly ways. Name a human who doesn't. And still, turning the dial back upbeat, I know one-hundred-ten percent a genuine woman’s words are not cheap.

50 Keepsake Female Perspectives... Memoirs about Women by Women. 
1. A Sick Life by Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins
2. Around the Way Girl by Taraji P. Henson
3. At Wit's End by Erma Bombeck
4. Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah
5. Desperate to be a Housewife by Meg Bortin
6. Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker by Marla Martenson
7. Doing Germany by Agnieszka Paletta
8. Don’t Block the Blessings by Patti LaBelle
9. Extraordinary, Ordinary People by Condoleezza Rice
10. Farewell, My Beijing by Chi Newman
11. Foxy: My Life in Three Acts by Pam Grier
12. Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas
13. Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story by Ingrid Ricks
14. HOSTAGE by Linda Davies
15. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
16. I Shall Not Want by Terri Lyons
17. I'm Down by Mishna Wolff
18. I’ll Never Write My Memoirs by Grace Jones
19. Kicking and Dreaming by Ann and Nancy Wilson
20. Musical Chairs by Jen Knox
21. My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King
22. NAKED by Julie Freed
23. No Disrespect by Sister Souljah
24. Not the Mother I Remember by Amber Lea Starfire
25. Perfection Is Not a Sitcom Mom by Janet Louise Hubert
26. Pieces from Life's Crazy Quilt by Marvin V. Arnett
27. Positive by Paige Rawl
28. Project Girl by Janet McDonald
29. She Got Game by Cynthia Cooper
30. Skinny Women Are Evil by Mo'Nique
31. Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen
32. Sweet Summer by Bebe Moore Campbell
33. The Black Girl Next Door by Jennifer Baszile
34. The Broke Diaries by Angela Nissel
35. The Cost of Hope by Amanda Bennett
36. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
37. The Gifted Ones by Lisa Vaughn
38. The Highest Peak by Kathy Lee Pair
39. The Last Blind Date by Linda Yellin
40. The Life and Laughs of an at Home Mom by Chris Liefer
41. The Lobster Chronicles by Linda Greenlaw
42. There Goes My Social Life by Stacey Dash
43. To the Moon and Timbuktu by Nina Sovich
44. True You by Janet Jackson
45. We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union
46. When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago
47. When We Were Colored by Eva Rutland
48. Yeah, I Said It by Wanda Sykes
49. You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes by Laura Love
50. You Have No Idea by Vanessa Williams and Helen Williams

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  1. Thank you for including my memoir, Not the Mother I Remember, on this awesome list of memoirs. I'm honored!

    1. Amber, you wrote one heck of a memoir! I still think of your mother... and mention it at every appropriate chance I get. Not the Mother I Remember was one of the top 10 books I read in 2014.

  2. This is a great list. Here's to celebrating great women writers!

    1. Thanks Karen. Yes! Yes! To the Ladies!!!


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