“Missing the Point”

More times than necessary to stress about, it happens often. Missing the point. Don’t matter how slow you speak, how clear you write, or how quiet you remain hearing words pouring like a torrent from made up minds, points get missed on both sides of supposition.

Funny though, there was one blogger who tickled me plenty when I realized he (or she) was crafting optimized SEO headlines to heightened proportions by slipping in rifts, all to see which readers missed the point.

In other words, the headline would read something like: Polar Bears Are Big Dumb Creatures. Now...for the reader who only read the headline, which often was me (haha), or for readers who read the related article poorly and commented under the headline, thus revealing the fact, well... we’d all be the Big Dumb mockeries used for everyone else’s amusement and entertainment purposes.

At any rate, and moving iffy humor onward, I’ve come up with other easy ways to miss the point while ‘so-called’ reading.  

Obviously, NOT READING is a palpable given. Pointless to add extra muse here.

CAN’T READ at all is another flagrant given, ALBEIT, before leaping to aromatic assumptions, I can stare at each and every word (written in Hebrew), turning each and every page, but if I can’t read the words, it goes without further conjecture, I will miss all kinds of points trying to read such a book.

Sticking with READING BOLD PRINT in margins, SPEED READING, SKIM READING, JUDGING BOOKS BY THE COVER, or RELYING ON OTHERS TO INTERPRET CONTENT FOR US, habits we pick up whether trying to decide if we want to read a book, or trying to pass a class so that we can get on with life, are nonetheless other ways to miss surly burly poignant points.

Often too, if our heads are wedged too deep in personal beliefs, opinions and convictions, we, like an old axiom goes, “won’t be able to see the forest for the trees.”

The point? Please, just read the book. For Yourself. We can either contribute to the resolution, or the confusion.

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