If You See It, and Believe It, It's Good Fiction

This post was inspired after coming across a well-meaning online written contribution educating passerby readers like myself on what written fiction is, and shouldn’t be.

For starters, and literally speaking, all written work is fiction. I know this might be a shocker, but just for an ice-breaker, imagine my surprise when I was told ‘forget everything you’ve ever learned or believed.’ After squeezing my eyes shut tight, for a split second I imagined it. Quite honestly, inside this cursory blink it got downright frightening. Felt like being suspended ‘on’ air. Nothing beneath me, or to the left or right, or even above me to balance on, or to hold or hang on to.

Funny thing is, before then I used to think about this kind of thing. Like, who’s making up all the rules about was is and isn’t, and shouldn’t and should be? It may have even been where, when and why I started doing my own thing. Going by my own rules.

But, okay...okay. I grew up and now get it. There must be rules to create a sense of balance so that we don’t find ourselves suspended in what, let me assure everyone, is a very suspenseful atmosphere.

All that exposed, while all written work is generally fiction, non-fiction work is vetted through and by a panel of rule-makers. Fiction is largely unvetted work, or work vetted through those who perhaps shouldn’t be vetting work. The caption above kind of illustrates this.

Funny short true story: While in the process of cleaning up three novels I just (YAE) wrote, I was asked to write one more, absolutely needed to be, written book. Good thing here is, that memoir I also just wrote...but got cold feet about publishing, needed to be split up... All to Confess, I AM STILL WRITING!!! Gosh, I can’t deny it. I love it, though I miss reading and blogging. Big Sigh.

And did you know? Once upon a time uttering the word lie, or liar, and God forbid calling someone a liar was as blasphemous as saying, “FU,” ...all spelled out of course.

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