Telling Good Stories

Unsolicited Advice: Please, do not try to write your memoir like a novel. While memoirs straddle the thin invisible line between fiction and nonfiction, memoirs are not novels!

It nags me to hear others talk about ways to bring ‘characters’ off a page when writing a memoir. Actually, it strikes me odd when hearing this one period.

People mentioned or talked about in memoirs are not characters. Characters are actors, in the sense they are performing for an audience. People written about in memoirs are in no way performing for your reading delight. Many of them may not even want to be in the book to start with. These are real people, whose names sometimes have been altered, changed or jacked up to protect the fact that they absolutely did not co-sign to being recognized in any way, shape, form or fashion in the book.

The best way to bring stories off a page is by just telling the story. Yes, JUST TELL THE STORY!

Same goes for penning novels too. Seriously. Like what man or woman has never been around men and women that would necessitate needing pointers about how to write about men or women? This is where experience comes in handy, and plenty of it. The more we live, learn and observe, the greater chance of not only becoming a writer, but a prolific writer at that. Wink. Wink.