TOP 10 REASONS why a Newbie Reader is Beating An Avid Reader... in a Reading Challenge

All righty, I’m putting this out here for the sole purpose of entertaining the whole wide world.

At the beginning of the year I challenged my husband to a reading challenge. For the longest my husband wasn’t a fan of reading. He was like an overwhelming large majority who found any and everything to take priority and precedent over reading. A badminton competition on TV. The fellas getting together to watch a badminton competition at the local bar. ACME had a special on oranges. President Trump just tweeted. You know, we can’t miss those tweets. And of course there’s bedtime. Who wants to walk around all day with bags under their eyes?

All jests aside, you get the point. There a trillion and one reasons why people have no time for reading, EXACTLY what enthralled me like nothing before and since, when my husband found reading enjoyable after all.

But he reads by audiobook, why I decided at the beginning of the year to see which one of us could read the most books by the end of the year. In perfect honesty, I didn’t see myself winning. Reading by audiobook seemed easier, (though later I discovered it IS NOT) and yet the other reason I  took on this challenge. Few things beat a real challenge.

And so now here we are... a few months before the end of the year (YIKES!!!) and he is actually dusting me!!!


Because the score is already in his favor, 69 to 10! 😳

Because regardless of what I discovered, audiobooks are still easier on the ears, than physical books are on the eyes. There are some books, and ssssh... I wouldn’t read if it was the only book left on a library shelf. 😠😢

And how about this one? I really do wish some of these phone calls I’ve recently taken could count as having read 'the' book. 😅🤣

Sometimes I need to learn to just say no, too. “No Rhonda, you don’t need to watch TV today. No Rhonda, you don’t need to clean today, eat today, sleep today...” get the point. 😵

You certainly don’t need to Facebook today. 😂

And you for darn sure need to stop goofing off today. I have spent so much time goofing off, using these goof off moments to do even goofier things, such creating collages of the most goofiest things I’ve caught on TV. 😲😆

Dreaming is another reason why my tail is getting dusted in this reading challenge. I’m actually over here imagining someway, somehow I might catch up and win this thing. 😆

And what is up with these to-do lists? Seems like mines is getting longer, and longer, and longer and longer! 😤

And yet, BIG SIGH, the best reason why I’m really losing this challenge... because I am still in WRITING MODE. Oh, I LOVE IT!😍 When inspiration hits like this, you gotta really go for it!!! (on my 4th full length book!😌)

And despite all those excuses, and even so, the REAL REASON I am losing this challenge so dearly, is because once my husband commits to a challenge, IT.IS.ON! Gee-whiz he is so darn competitive!!! 🤣