Be Careful What You Ask For

Axioms such as ‘be careful what you ask for’ are best phrased as ‘use common sense.’

Don’t ask for things such as a house, or car if you can’t afford the mortgage or car payment. Don’t ask to eat if you aren’t hungry. And certainly don’t ask for the sun, the moon and the stars if you can’t hold those things in your hands.

Yes. We get it. I get it. We must think before we ask. We must weigh the pros and cons for what we think we want. Does it cost too much? Is it high maintenance? Am I satisfied with what I already have? What are all the possible headaches to expect if we ask, and then receive?

But should we learn to be afraid to ask?

True Story.

A while back I was told, “you really could be doing better.” Translated, I was being asked to do more with my life. Further translated, I was not the one asking or wanting. My casual observing friend was asking and wanting.

Fast forward, when I got to pursuing this more that I could've been doing, my casual observing friend got to sounding the sirens yelling, “whooooaaa!”

But it was too late. It was my turn to say, and not replying in a vengeful or vindictive manner, but with all due respect and sincerity, “before you tell someone to go for their dreams, you might want to have a pretty clear understanding of what his or her dream is.”

If I give up now, what else is there to do? My passion has always been writing. My purpose is to write to entertain, and read to be engaged, and to enlighten others about the wealth of information in these great books I read and write. I am not giving up because I don’t want to give up. I am not giving up because I can’t give up. Know the difference.

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