Top 5 Reasons to ‘GoFundMe’

It’s---FINALLY---official. I just finished writing not one, not two, not three and not four books. I just finished writing FIVE BOOKS.

I had hoped to have completed seven books but obviously that didn’t happen. I barely finished the five. I can’t count the number of obstacles that kept knocking me down. I got really ill. Had to leave my job. Couldn’t provide the support my business needed. I lost close family and a very dear friend. Then, trying to get better and pull myself up, my husband experienced a sudden health crisis. For a while we struggled together. To say the past five years have been rough would be a nice way of describing HELL.

While I love taking care of my husband, care-giving is not easy. Emotionally, physically, and financially it is H-A-R-D.

But I pulled myself together, though (CONFESSION) for a while I related in the worst way to every writer who’s ever felt trapped between looking for time to write, and finding inspiration to write. I kept my happy writing face on through it all, though. From somewhere deep down inside I grabbed the strength to go on, and hung on until my mojo to write returned.

And yet, it wasn’t until my son brought it to my attention when it really sunk in, what I’d done. Not that I hadn’t written books in multiples before, this time was different. Before I hadn’t dealt with as much grief and struggle, one hit after the next. I never felt like a spinning wheel with nothing to show for my efforts before. Not until he pointed out how I.WROTE.FIVE.BOOKS did I stop to look back.

I actually wrote five books, REASON #1 to support my GoFundMe mission.

REASON #2. Your support is important to the care and feeding of literature communities.

Surely for anyone who’s ever said, “ump, her books sure could use some professional improvements,” is REASON #3 to jump right in. Now is the time.

And keep in mind, in addition to grateful readers, a few people will get paid for their work. I need to pay a proofreader, a book cover artist and other production costs. REASON #4.

Above all, REASON #5, if you believe people should ask for help when they need help, I am asking for your help.

Below are brief details about each book: (Cover images are mock-ups, barring commercial touch-ups, of what each book will ultimately look like.)

Babies Raising Babies is a motherhood memoir inspired after my adult son demanded I write what it was like raising him and his sister as a teenage (married) mother. The book is approximately 70,000 words; about 300-pages, trade paperback size.

Painted Cats is women’s fiction; an erotic adult novel written in fun and humor remembering many women who inspired me by their outlook on life, their candor and also too, their juicy gossip on men and relationships. The book is approximately 60,000 words; about 275-pages, trade paperback size.

Jubilation is spiritual fiction written in remembrance and celebration of those dearest to me who left this world much too soon. The book is approximately 60,000 words; about 275-pages trade paperback size.

Foxtrot is a collection of poetry that includes new work, and as well past favorite poems. The book is approximately 30,000 words, about 200-pages, trade paperback size.

Anthill is a fantasy novel; a satirical parody (or political spoof) mimicking social polemics and politics playing on past and present leaders governing our world. The book is approximately 70,000 words; about 300-pages, trade paperback size.

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