The Makings of Top 10 Lists – Merry Christmas!

David Letterman got me hooked on making these Top 10 lists. Creating them are easy, fun and jazzes up what turned out to be a lackluster (on my part) reading year.

First of all, every book I read has a lot going on, considering many books still on my DNF shelf; and not that all of them are unworthy of being read... but... and so I’ll leave that there.

At any rate, having only read 14 books this year lessened the challenge of deciding which books moved me most. In fact, I ranked the books (captioned in the video), rating my reading experience from #10 to a drum roll #1... something I have yet been able to do.

For an extra show of appreciation, I even ranked the creation of my coveted favorites’ list.

#10... First of all, the book must be read from page one to the last page. – Engaging
#9  ... I love front row seats... meaning I must be there and see it, to believe it. – Genuine
#8  ... My brows must etch up an inch or so for every hour of reading. – Informative
#7  ... I must fall out the chair laughing, at least once. – Humorous
#6  ... The inability to take my eyes off the text = absorbed. – Interesting
#5  ... If my eyes water, and definitely if a tear falls, I am touched. – Moving
#4  ... Taking more than a page’s worth of notes = deep thought. – Inspiring
#3  ... And did I pick up the phone and call somebody about the book? – Recommendable
#2  ... Confession! I love ‘unique’ (alas personal) smart introspective reflections about achieving goals or handling what life throws us. – Storytelling
#1  ... Above All. I MUST feel good when I finish reading a book. – Redeeming

Every one of the 14 books I read this year included these elements. It’s just that my coveted Top 10 list racked up more points.

Thank you, Authors.
Readers, enjoy.
Merry Christmas, everyone!