Kicking Off the New Year, Atoning!

Here it is, a full 21 days into the new year and I'm just getting around to noting the fact, forget the fact that my first post will be an atonement of sorts. My excuse. I was busy trying to decide if I should put up an Out of the Office notice or not.

Obviously I opted against doing that, primarily for the very reason I, perhaps, should have posted a notice.

I was busy.

To that end there was another reason I hemmed and hawed over throwing up a notice. I don’t like them. It almost feels like being hung up on, or a call that abruptly ends... before the conversation has ended. In other words, out of office notices feel a little rude, or perhaps apathetic...uninterested... or how about vain, particularly in cases where there is no other point of contact. And I know, we can switch this thing around, the reason I own up to starting off wrong, as far as blogging goes, but hope to make up for it when some of this ‘catch-up’ busy settles down.

One thing is certain, in the face of obstacles and sacrifices I love blogging, and love it more when I have something relevant to post. Content is king, which on that note this mixed atonement was written in commemoration of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday... and OEBooks Blog celebrating it's 10th anniversary.

Dr. King was very passionate about his work, and calling. I feel the same.

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