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Author Interviews & Blurbs

Hot off the press, it’s here... YA Novel Released! MEET Deanne in the Middle by DuEwa Frazier - July 2014

Meet She Likes It Rough Author, GVR Corcillo, native of Chinchilla, Pennsylvania who lives in North Hollywood with her husband Ron; and who hit the New York Times Bestseller List with her first short story, "Jane Austen Meets the New York Giants," in the Marlo Thomas anthology, The Right Words at the Right Time: Volume 2! - Jan 2014

Meet Motivational Speaker & Author, Deborah L. Parker... Chief Inspirer and Principal Consultant of the DPJ Training Group... - December 2013

Meet Mario D. King, Poet & Debut Novelist… One of the great thrills of finding pleasing books that let me sync into them, is romanticizing back on the moment I first spotted them, sighing things like, "I think I might really like this one." - June 2013

ATWC1 Supports Authors: (Interview) - Dee S. White… avid reader, inspirational speaker, prolific book blogger (she manages at least four), vocalist, and author of Age is Just a Number: Adventures of Online Dating, among at least one other hat I'll keep under my own hat, has recently revamped ATWC1 (At the Water Cooler 1) and started her own virtual book tour coordinating business… - March 2013

Meet Amber West, Indie Author of The Ruth Valley Missing - "who writes for 'A Day Without Sushi' blog, and is an aspiring photographer and Rant Columnist for Sloane Magazine." - Dec 2012

Meet Crime Writer, Marguerite Ashton - "Marguerite discovered her passion for writing crime in 2002, honing her skills by entering writing competitions." - Nov 2012

Kathryn White Talks Being Abigail - "The book with the eye that sat on my desk (on my to-read pile), always seeming to be keeping a hard eye on me while I worked on other projects, I finally picked up and read." - Aug 2012

Meet Debut Novelist R.Y. Swint - "One of the challenges I've tasked myself with over the past two years, is to read more fiction." - July 2012

Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story by Ingrid Ricks "...first, let me plug this story. It was a little over a year ago when I first heard about Hippie Boy, and was intrigued the moment I caught the plug (on Book Blogs)." - Nov 2011

Meet Sol Tetelbaum, Family Matters and More: Stories of My Life in Soviet Russia "…I stumbled upon Family Matters and More: Stories of My Life in Soviet Russia, looking for a read that would keep ‘me’ balanced." - Mar 2011

Brandon Massey, Horror Thriller Writer - "There have been many books, and one author who is my greatest writing inspiration, however Brandon Massey was my first and greatest inspiration to self-publish." - Jan 2011

Meet Jason Ancona, C.Y.A. Covert Youth Agency Author - Starting out this year 'reading' fiction, I happened to come across Jason's synopsis for his debut book, Covert Youth Agency, alias C.Y.A., and immediately found my interest piqued. - Jan 2011

Meet Zetta Brown, Novelist & Publisher - "With great pleasure I'm kicking off the New Year introducing native Texas author, Zetta Brown, now living in Scotland." - Jan 2011

Sheila Peele-Miller - ADIRA Book Publisher - "From teaching creative writing and publishing workshops, to writing short stories, poetry, and novels, Sheila Peele-Miller is not afraid to follow her passion." - Nov 2010

Jason and Debby Coleman - Discovering Your Amazing Marriage - "Marriage and family is a primary focus of mine. ...So, imagine coming across authors Debby and Jason Coleman’s book Discovering Your Amazing Marriage." - Sep 2010

Cynthia Roberts - Wind Warrior - Coming across authors steeped in the kind of wit that stems from a broad base of experiences is a real treat, and even more of a treat when you learn the author says she’s been writing since a Crayola was placed in her hand. - Jul 2010

Miss Lillian - Jonah's Kids - "For nearly 10 years, Miss Lillian, former member of the Red Hat Society and active member of Cedar Park Presbyterian Church, wrote theatre and film reviews for "Scoop U.S.A."" - Jun 2010

Susie Schecter - Lifetimes Ago - Lifetimes Agoa historical 1930's passionate romance of a modern-day couple discovering A Love Story Inspired From Past Life Memories. - May 2010

Jo Linsdell - Italian for Tourists Guide - "Of all the continents to visit, Europe remains one of my favorite destinations." - May 2010

Reader, Reviewer, Blogger Questions & Answers

Alasha Bennett-Thomas, The Dating Mechanic - "This holiday I've gone out and done a little shopping, pulling out from beneath Santa's hat a gift that's sure to cheer up anyone who's looking to enjoy a "satisfying, fulfilling, successful relationship." - Dec 2011

Fabulosity Nouveau Chats with RYCJ - "Some things, unapologetically frankly, are worth the wait. Memoirs aren't the only way to gain insight into the human drive. Blogging and social-networking is fast becoming a heavy contender. And thanks to book bloggers, and readers and reviewers like Wendy Ewurum, enhances the joy." - Sep 2011

Radical RevLa Showin’ RYCJ Some Love! - "Still on the kick of meeting readers and reviewers, and as well authors and those invested in parts of the book world, I happened to bump into a blogger who on impact snagged my interest." - Apr 2011

Engaging Reader-Reviewer@Risqué Reviews - "I’m meeting my second reader-reviewer who has accepted my invite to be interviewed. I won’t dare say I possess some sort of mental telepathy, though I do work off instinct quite a bit, but when I caught a risqué comment on Book Blogs I must admit my curiosity was stoked." - Apr 2011

Meet Reader & Reviewer, Kathy@Books Kids Like - "I’m switching gears here, something that’s been in the plan since I began interviewing authors. For the next couple of months I plan to query readers and reviewers about their reading preferences, useful insight for authors. @Books Kids Like is my first selection." - Mar 2011

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