Paradoxes of Contradictions

Before I begin, let me be upfront: Read between the lines. There are all kinds of herrings in this one. 

'er Goes: I chide myself all the time about not getting caught up giving advice, sharing tips. Why? Because I believe in diversity, uniqueness. Why try to teach a kitten to bark, or a dog to meow? Or why move to Colorado and pray for warm beaches, or get out to California and complain about the severe lack of snow. Dispensing advice has that same ‘changey’ type of appeal… trying to improve on something that by nature was never meant to be revolutionized.
But then there’s the other hand. I know how valuable sharing information can be, and has benefited me. The experiences that make me whole are mere collected bits and pieces of advice and tips. And so now here I go. About to step up on a soapbox of paradoxes. And, because why? Because someone other than myself might enjoy being entertained by paradoxes of contradictions.
One of my favorite fixations is actually reading list-style tips and advice. This was what I was doing when I came across a list sharing common mistakes writers make. Soon as I made contact with the list however, I did this thing with my eyes. I rolled them. The first tip of advice read in the negative, when I was sure just the other day another list implored writers to write in the positive. I read on anyway, when whoops… there it was again. This lister didn’t like being hand-held through stories. 

Right here I started laughing. Sure, I got the point. But instantly I also got to thinking about the book Who Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson. “…If this isn’t a paradox of contradictions,” I thought. As in what could be more basic than Spencer’s hand-held book? Now, read its reviews and it may be hard to tell. I think some of the reviews might even be longer than the book. And never mind the fact that the lister used three or four sentences to make its one basic (disliked being hand-held) point... up against a full-length mem I have in wake for how Spencer's book revolutionized my life! 

Again, advice and tips are big sellers. I take what I can use, in hopes of passing on (too) what others may be able to use…