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Upcoming OSAAT Entertainment Event

First Book Party Promotion

Thursday, January 14, 2010

@ 6pm

The Event Place
723 Oak Lane Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Door Prizes, Wine, Appetizers, Booksigning…

In the spirit of this upcoming event, I’m posting a little trivia of OEBooks ‘little’ known facts. All readers can play along, and if so desired, leave comments. However, for those planning to join me, you may want to check back for the answers if you hope to win a door prize! (*Immediate family members… parents, children, siblings, and spouse cannot participate*).

Answers can be found searching OEBooks Book Blog.


1. Name the title and year of OEBooks first publication.

2. RYCJ are my initials. What is my full name?

3. I love all of my titles, but one is my favorite. Name that title.

4. Which (OEBooks) published title was the most difficult to write?

5. Fill in the blank. “…Unique Titles, Each Written, ________, and Published by RYCJ/OSAAT Entertainment.”

6. What does the acronym OSAAT abbreviate?

7. What is MY Number One pet peeve?

8. Who is my favorite poet?

9. See the photo above. Where was the background of that photo taken?

10. Name the TOP 3 things it’s best "I" avoid.

Correctly answering any of the following will require having read the book being trivia’d;-)

GEM: In my epic poem Atlota it speaks of “let me sleep.” What’s being expressed?

Leiatra’s Rhapsody: Leiatra learns “why men cheat.” *How* does she learn this?

Black Table: What’s the subtitle of the story that speaks on how ‘Momma’ got her son to go to college? *Bonus* (& it’ll be a wild guess since it’s not mentioned in the story), but try answering why this subtitle was selected.

Pretty Inside Out: In Lynne’s version on working at the Big B, she arrives to work angry. What is she angry about?

Something Xtra Wild: Where does the dream begin and end?

Tehuelche: What was Awoiho’s original name? *Bonus* The story is based on a dream. What is the overriding theme of the dream?

This One I Got Right: Based on the original bet, who won the bet? (← Careful, this one is tricky). Who cheated? → Select One Answer: 1) Blaine 2) Leiatra 3) Both 4) Neither

Storytella: There is one chapter devoted to the most influential part of Crei’s life. Name that chapter and at least one subtitle in that chapter.


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M E R R Y  🎄  C H R I S T M A S