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My books are my pride and joy. My first two books (not pictured), Atlóta and My Blackberry were published by iUniverse, way back when the fee to self-publish was only $158. Also (not pictured) is a  family memoir I self-published and distributed all 2-300 copies strictly to family. I've as well omitted a few self-published poetry books I've decided to retire. The books pictured above are my best work to date, all published by OSAAT Entertainment, the publishing company I founded 2008.

With the exception of Double Dare’s 2nd edition, all cover art, illustrations, and designs are my own. Copies can be obtained by contacting me directly. Below is a current list of work in circulation. 


2015; Big Bully. 210 pages. 1st Edition. Corporate Fiction centered on a male director who works for a cosmetics manufacture under two women. His challenge is to retain newly hired diverse employees (at all cost) leading to friction in his department. Threats…complaints…intimidation…scuffles…sabotage…the Ombudsmen stepping in… and then one day arrived the Big Bully.

2015; Copy Cats. 200 pages. 1st Edition. Young Adult Fiction centered on siblings Morrocon, Nica and Pillar who move to a new town, and being the new kids on the block seek to reinvent themselves among the popular cliques.
2015; Civil Talk. 200 pages. 1st Edition. The Ass. of passionate prose in motion decries…a poet has to be damn good with words. No, not just damn good with words, but be the filibuster of language, work like a clinician on jargon, a dietician on complacency, a chameleon with terms, a crusader for debate, flirty with verbs, a dirty storyteller, a mogul of expression, a totalitarian of vocabulary, no stranger to verbose propose, squeezing rhythm between muse, the chancellor of absolute prolix conflict, understanding a thing or two about going there, penning what all is saying, thinking, and doing contraire.


Adult Contemporary Fiction centered on the work involved in birthing, nurturing and raising children while caring for aging parents, maintaining friendships, careers, and staying committed to a marriage. 

2008; Leiatra's Rhapsody. 390 pages. 3rd Edition. 5th Printing. Series one... Educated counselor, mother and wife sets out to learn why men cheat, and in a most unusual way. Do you think you know why men cheat? Do you really want to know why men cheat? Or do you prefer to believe otherwise?

2009; Something Xtra Wild. 350 pages. 2nd Edition. 2nd Printing. Series two... One wily research effort two decades later Leiatra has discovered why men cheat. Now she must 'clean up' collateral damage, crossing more idealistic mores and values to save her marriage.
2010; This One I Got Right. 350 pages. 1st Edition. Series three... Leiatra and husband Blaine are back together, this time betting which one of their children will marry first. Whoever wins gets to have his or her sexual fantasy come true.
2011; Rye & the Rump. 275 pages. 1st Edition. Series four... The couple continues to grow together, humorously still learning each other in a 20+ year marriage tackling everyday family issues. The goal is to become one forever. 

2012; My Love. 350 pages. 1st edition. Series five... Three generations later, the glory years now upon the couple, and there still is one more hurdle left to hurdle before grabbing the trophy—Happily Ever After forever!  


2013; Lock Box (Paranormal Mystery). 300 pages. 1st Edition. Daddy Curtis Cummins has been zapped from an ethereal existence to earth, in the form of one livid cell to save his darling daughter from a belligerent environment. This dazed and crazed daddy’s parenting skills are put up to one serious functional test.

2012; Mindless (Corporate Mystery). 300 pages. 1st Edition. Angela wants to know one thing. Why would a firm bring her on at an eye-whopping salary and place her in a position... to do what exactly? One beguiling mindless mystery.

2012; Double Dare (Women's Chic Lit Fiction). 220 pages. 2nd Edition. 2nd Printing. Two married women, Mona and Phyllis, step out of their humdrum life to enjoy an innocent day catching a show on Broadway. One hilarious misadventure after the next evolves into one riotous mishap independent film.

2011; Pleasure (Erotic Fiction). 300 pages. 1st Edition. A young girl leaves the U.S. to join her boyfriend and his guy friends on an adventurous overseas trip to make a lot of erotic money in the entertainment pleasure business.

2011; A Piece of Peace (Spiritual Fiction). 250 pages. 2nd Edition. 2nd Printing. Cliff must learn how to forgive his sister who didn’t treat him well growing up; not easy to do when she returns home and move in with him... in their parent's home. Does he forgive her? ...Or does all hell break loose?

2010; Storytella (Short Stories, Fiction). 300 pages. 1st Edition. A collection of short fictional stories based on real life lessons. 

2010; Tehuelche (Historical Fiction) 250 pages. 1st Edition. A mirage of a dream dreamt of a young girl seeking peace living among Native Americans in a volatile 17th century period.

2009; Black Table (Memoir/Essays). 250 pages. 3rd Edition. 3rd Printing. A collection of true ‘remember when’ short stories set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2009; Pretty Inside Out (Contemporary Corporate Fiction). 280 pages. 1st Printing. Diverse workplace tales assembled around seasonal employees working in the customer service department at a major retail store during the Christmas holiday.

2008; GEM (Anthology... Poetry, One-act Play, Essays). 160 pages. 1st Edition.


Anthill - Fantasy Fiction; Jubilation - Spiritual Fiction; Painted Cats - Erotic Fiction; Pure Evil - Horror; Hand Me Downs - Memoir; and Foxtrot - Poetry.


  1. Where is Tehuelche published?

    1. It was published in the U.S. Used copies are 'available' online. Or if interested our publishing company can mail out a print copy if you email for mailing instructions.


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